This article is about a/an villain in J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai and Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

Hell Boxer (地獄拳士 Jigoku Kenshi) is an intimidating tyrant from Mongolia. He was among the four members (along with General Sahara, Captain UFO and Baron Iron Mask) of the Big Four lead by Iron Claw.


He fought Kikaider off-screen and used his skull adorned armor to strike fear in his foes. Hell Boxer is savage and fierce warrior, he wields an iron ball and chain to crush and kill his opponents.

Facing the J.A.K.Q. and Gorenger teams, Hell Boxer and the rest of the big four combine into the super cyborg entity “Big Four Robo”, a monstrous and hulking mechanical monster with multiple cannons protruding throughout his body and a grinder in his lower torso. Virtually invincible, it took the combined special attacks of JAKQ's Big Bomber and Gorenger's Gorenger Hurricane Ball to destroy the monster.

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