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"Hurry up and let me rampage!"
―Hell's Gate Prisoner Harbal's first words
"I'm just getting warmed up! I'm not gonna let it end here!"
―Hell's Gate Prisoner Harbal's first words enlarging himself

Hell's Gate Prisoner Harbal (ヘルズゲート囚・ハーバル Heruzu Gēto Shū Hābaru, 42): A destructive, murderous, and furry creature armed with a bazooka. Harbal was released by Gien to obtain the Lambda 2000 from the Kawasaki Lab. During the invasion, Harbel's attack had critically injured Mr. Asami. While Gien fought the Timerangers, he battled TimeFire. Once TimeFire defeats him, Harbal enlarged himself and battled V-Rex. Though Harbal was brought in by V-Rex Robo, Gien escapes with the Lambda 2000, thanks to Captain Ryuya's help.


concept art


  • His name is a pun on the word "hairball".
  • His motif is the one of a walrus
  • Depression Seals Location: Left thigh
  • Of all the Hell's Gate prisoners, Harbel is the only inmate who wasn't adapted as a mutant for Power Rangers Time Force, although the episode's fight against Gien was.
    • However, he makes a brief eappearance in Dawn of Destiny.
    • Reasons for being fully unadapted for Power Rangers Time Force, for having to do with Harbal wielding a bazooka and much of the footage involving Japanese people getting hit is very brutal.

Harbal's cameo in Dawn of Destiny

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