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Heir to the Throne is the twenty-first episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. It is the first apperance of Villamax and the final appearance of Scorpius.


While Trakeena makes new allies on Onyx, Deviot plots against Scorpius. Trakeena ends up on the villain oasis Onyx, where she runs afoul of some hoodlums. Her lack of fighting experience gets the best of her, but thanks to the honorable Villamax and Kegler, she's given a chance to train to become the warrior she was meant to be. Meanwhile, Deviot tricks Scorpius into going down to Terra Venture personally, led to believe Trakeena is being held hostage by the Rangers. Our heroes must use the Lights Of Orion to face their main enemy in a fight to the finish!


On the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot claims that he was unable to find Trakeenna to a worried Scorpius, but this is only a ruse as he wants to rule the universe. He plans to get rid of Scorpius quickly. Meanwhile, Trakeena has made it to the planet Onyx, but stumbles in the heat of the desert before collapsing. While she manages to pick herself up and continue, Trakeena drops her staff and leaves it behind. Eventually, Trakeena makes her way to the saloon and orders a drink, only to steal one from a nearby patron. However, Trakeena’s rude attitude rubs two of them the wrong way, and they overpower the princess by tossing her around the saloon. Trakeena’s lack of skills shows as she is unable to break a bottle, and is kicked out of the saloon while three of the patrons continue their assault. One of the patrons that was seen playing cards earlier, called Villlamax, comes to Trakeena’s defense and takes out the three patrons with ease. Afterwards, Villlamax introduces himself to Trakeena, but the latter rudely dismisses him, claiming she can handle herself. So, Villlamax and his partner Kegler leave, remarking that if Trakeena was the daughter of Scorpius, then she should have defended herself a lot better than what they saw. Trakneena takes offense to that, but when Villamax asks her what she would do with her life, she answers that she wants to train to fight and conquer the world alongside Scorpius. Satisfied with that answer, Villamax offers to train Trakeena, and she accepts. Villamax begins training Trakeena into a better fighter, but it starts out rough as she complains about breaking two of her nails, and struggles to follow along his regiment.

Meanwhile, Deviot and a squad of Stingwingers enter Terra Venture and find the morphed Rangers chasing after them. Deviot gives the Stingwingers an energy cell and orders them to place it in a warehouse in Dome 5, claiming that it will destroy Terra Venture before teleporting away. While the Rangers go to Dome 5, Deviot lies to Scorpius that he found Trakeena on Terra Venture as the Ranger’s prisoner. Furious by that, Scorpius changes course to Terra Venture, planning to take on the Rangers himself. Back on Onyx, Trakeena collapses from the exhaustion of pulling rocks behind her, but Villamax forces her to get up like a warrior. Having enough of Villamax’s training, Trakeena uses the chains to trip him up, but that pleases him. Afterwards, Trakeena begins to show improvement in her training as she begins to develop into a better fighter.

On Terra Venture, the Rangers enter the warehouse looking for the energy cell, only for the door to shut behind the as Deviot reveals he led them to a trap. Scorpius makes his presence known and demands to know where Trakeena is, but Leo argues that they have not done anything to her. However, Scorpius refuses to believe that, and sends the Stingwingers to attack them. Leo tries to fight Scorpius head on, but the latter is too powerful as he knocks the Ranger down with his tentacles. Scorpius then grabs Kai and strangles him, all while Deviot watches as his plan is coming together. Kai manages to free himself, and the Rangers activate the Lights of Orion. As four of the Ranger restrain Scorpius, Leo lands a fatal blow onto the creature, and Deviot takes his leave so he can enter the cocoon. After Scorpius explodes, the Rangers celebrate their belief that all their problems are over.

Back on Onyx, Trakeena completes her training with Villamax, showing a huge improvement in her skills. Trakeena returns to the saloon and attacks the two patrons that were harassing her earlier, only this time, she manages to wipe the floor with them. After meeting back with Villamax, Kegler arrives and tells Trakeena that Scorpius is in terrible shape after a fight. Trakeena returns to the Scorpion Stinger with Villamax and Kegler joining her, and sees Scorpius on his death bed, just before Deviot could enter the cocoon. Trakeena and Scorpius manage to make amends as the latter’s last wish is asking Deviot to be loyal to his daughter as he was to him. Scorpius dies and dissipates into energy, with his one tentacle transforming into a new staff for Trakeena to use. Deviot tells Trakeena that Leo responsible for Scorpius’ death, making her declare that he and the rest of the Rangers will pay. Back on Terra Venture, the Rangers have a celebratory picnic in the park, only for them to sense that a new evil has taken Scorpius’ place.



  • Onyx no longer has rings around it, as seen in Flashes of Darkonda, unless Trakeena was seen on another desert planet prior to her arrival on Onyx.
  • Some of the monsters seen on Onyx were destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave unless these are more and/or different versions of the same monster.
  • Why didn't Scorpius bring a monster with him to attack the Rangers? Although he wanted to destroy them himself, would it have really hurt to have some extra muscle?


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