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"I'll make you a promise. Any monster that can bring me an Energem will rule the universe by my side. If you stay, you must pledge your undying loyalty... to me. If not, you're free to go."
―Heckyl asserting his authority to Sledge's Outlaws.[src]

"It's because of me, you're in this world. And I couldn't be happier to help you leave it."
―Heckyl's determination to get rid of Snide once and for all.[src]

Heckyl is a former alien outlaw who alongside Snide took leadership of Sledge's Crew. After regaining his former memories of the Dark Energem, he separated from Snide and focused his revenge against Lord Arcanon for destroying his home planet Sentai 6. After assisting the Dino Charge Rangers, he was appointed Keeper of the Dark Energem and secretly became the Dino Charge Dark Ranger in order to protect his home planet from being destroyed once again. In the process, Zenowing's death had spurred him to leave where he later becomes the Blue Solar Ranger.


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Heckyl's backstory

Heckyl accidentally touches the Dark Energem.

Heckyl being corrupted by the Dark Energem.

Millions of years ago, when Lord Arcanon assaulted a kind-hearted Heckyl's homeworld, Sentai 6, to gain the Dark Energem, Heckyl tried to protect it from getting into the hands of evil. While he was on the run from Arcanon, he fell and the Dark Energem came out of its containment box. An injured Heckyl tried to get a hold of it, but when he touched it, he started getting surrounded by dark energy and ended up bonding with it, the evil Energem corrupting him and creating a monstrous alter-ego known as Snide. Arcanon arrived and retrieved the Energem and said that he won't remember any of this incident or his past. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wings of Danger

Heckyl and Snide eventually went on to become outlaws and lay waste to many corners of the universe before finally being imprisoned by Sledge.

Becoming an outlaw and getting captured by Sledge

According to Wrench, Heckyl has laid waste to and destroyed countless galaxies before being captured and confined by Sledge. Within Sledge's Ship, most outlaws are kept in standard cells, but the very worst, like Greenzilla, Snide and Heckyl, are imprisoned in specialized solitary blocks, with the cages being completely closed and reinforced with thick metallic shielding, having restraints physically attached to their bodies, and little to no contact with the outside world. It is hinted this is done to him due to his twin-sided nature as well. These cells are also more heavily guarded than the others. Usually, one or two Spikeballs are enough to keep watch of an entire cell block, but, in cases like Heckyl's, there are at least four per each, plus a number of Vivix.

Heckyl HD.png

Centuries of spending his time in solitary confinement, as claimed by himself, Sledge took desperate measures in acquiring the Purple Energem when hearing that the bond to its previous host was severed and in need of a new host. The mere suggestion of releasing Heckyl was enough to cause an uproar within the ship, sending all of the prisoners into instantaneous panic and instilling fear even to Wrench and Fury. Despite being aware of the risk to even his own well-being, the fearless but concerned bounty hunter sends him to Earth after conceding to his offer of ruling the universe together as partners in case of a successful mission. Sledge only agrees to this because, aside from his power, Heckyl is the only one of his prisoners that looks human enough to possibly fool the Dino Charge Rangers into trying to bond the Purple Energem to him. This plan actually goes smoothly, until a rogue Wish Star intervenes, attempting to acquire the Energem to earn his own freedom. Heckyl would have fought for it, but held back purposely, knowing that if the Rangers saw his true self, it would ruin his plans. After Wish Star is defeated and Fury successfully retrieves the Purple Energem, Heckyl attempts to explain himself, only for Sledge to declare their partnership over and narrowly blast him back to his cell with a shot from his now Energem-enhanced blaster. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wishing For A Hero

The New Leader and Infiltrating the Dino Bite Cafe

Heckyl is approached by Sledge, who asks him to takeover as leader while he's away planting Greenzilla eggs around the planet; in the meantime, Heckyl is to get the ship working and try to get the Energems away from the Rangers. In exchange, Heckyl gets part of the universe to rule once the plan to destroy Earth succeeds.

Snide takes over shortly afterwards, escaping the cell and making his presence known. Not wanting his other side to ruin their pact with Sledge, Heckyl takes over. He quickly, and lightly, apologizes for Snide's actions, and then orders the Spikeballs and Vivix to bring him, and the other outlaws, food, and to open their cells. Afterwards, he lays out the new rules of the base, briefly keeping the death sentence for those who leave under the veil.

When a prisoner tries to leave, he executes him by shooting at the back and then tells the others this will be the fate of all who try the same, as he considers deserters traitors, and effectively bounds all other villains to his will through intimidation and fear. In order to put his plans in motion, he visits the Dino Bite Cafe and asks Kendall for a job in order to be as close as possible to the Dino Charge Rangers without their notice, while Snide seeks to deal with the Rangers in his own manner with Iceage's assistance. Tvicon.png TV STORY-When Evil Stirs

Heckyl is seen now working at the Dino Bite Cafe, taking the ice cream from a child and dropping it on a seat, messing up the skirt of the woman that sits on it, all of which is unnoticed. He then greets Riley and begins working while overhearing Kendall scolding Riley for behaving like a child and ordering him back to work. He then holds on just long enough to be alone and unseen as Snide takes over control. Heckyl warns him not to mess up his plan, to which Snide replies his plans take too long and they need to deal with the Rangers faster. Heckyl then hatches a plan to use Stingrage's venom, modified by Wrench. Unlike the original venom, which is meant for mind control, this version has the purpose of memory forgetfulness. However, Snide has no patience for such a long, drawn-out, plan and deliberately changes it by redirecting Stingrage. After a small discussion with Snide, Heckyl is then seen helping Riley to get up after he loses a training challenge just before the running starts, even with the power of the Green Energem, and boosts his confidence to make him participate in the contest so he can fall victim to his plot. Just then, they are attacked by Stingrage. As Riley tries to fend off Stingrage, Heckyl questions Snide as to what he intends to do.

Heckyl almost gets Koda's Energem

Despite being frustrated with his partner's attitude, he eventually reasons Snide's plan can work after all, but with a twist. Heckyl deliberately throws himself in front of Stingrage's attack and is stung, causing him to forget his memory. In order to heal him, the Rangers take him to their base, despite Kendall's rightful reluctance in doing so. As they cure him, he claims to understand everything and ensures them their secret is safe with him. With Heckyl now with the knowledge of the base's coordinates, he visits it by the second time as the Rangers are busy dealing with the revived outlaw. However, the Energems are with the Rangers and the base is empty. Snide admonishes Heckyl on his folly and prepares to intensify his plan. However, Stingrage is defeated by the renewed Dino Armor X and the new Dino Super Drive, which was originally developed to fight Sledge. Still, Heckyl has a toast brought forth, overseen by Fury, with his servants in order to celebrate their imminent victory. Nevertheless, Curio unbeknownst has the cups filled with the amnesiac liquid and all of them forget what they were about to do, so Heckyl decides to take a nap and call it a day. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Forgive and Forget

Heckyl decides to lull the Rangers into sleep, so he can finally take their Energems without fear of reprisal. To keep them from fighting back against him, he enlists Nightmare's aid and has Fury send down Vivix to wear them out further in battle. While his ploy works mostly well, it backfires by chance when Shelby arrives back at the Dino Bite Cafe early from her school admittance test just as he is taking the Energems from her friends. She immediately deduces he is evil and attacks him, pointing her blaster at him and informing the truth to the others. Heckyl is taken aback by the girl, and the matters are only made worse when Snide takes over, confirming the heroes' suspicions. Noticing he has little to no chance of winning with the Rangers now fully on their guard, Snide retreats, shortly before Nightmare is defeated by the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Nightmare in Amber Beach

Heckyl then analyzes Singe aboard the ship, as he has sided with Snide, at the time on a scouting party with Fury and Wrench, to do their bidding. However, he is initially threatening towards the newcomer. It is only after Singe demonstrates he is capable of taking on the Rangers and has both strength and intellect similar to his own, as well as virtually untold resourcefulness, that Heckyl acknowledges him as a valuable ally, even stating he likes his style, and allows the incomer to stay despite Singe's failure, as he dismisses the failure of the Magna Beam as an accident, initiating the rivalry between Fury and Singe. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Date with Danger

Heckyl then authorizes Singe's next plan to use a virus to disrupt the Rangers' weapons. When Fury points out he will not be able to get to their computer systems, Singe acknowledges Fury is right, but summons Ninja to do just that, as he is fast enough to do so without being caught in sight. As the plan is underway, Tyler becoming feral and being on the run from the others, Snide congratulates Singe on a well done job so far, but draws his sword and demands his servant to explain the rest of the plan. Singe informs him he needs help to find him fast, to which Hunter volunteers to help him. Snide makes it clear he does not have a lot of patience and that, unlike Heckyl, he does not like Singe and he will find out how much if he fails him. As Ninja and Hunter team up to track Tyler down, James Navarro breaks the control of the virus over his son by revealing to be the Aqua Ranger and apologizing for his past wrongdoings. Hunter retreats, leaving Ninja powerless to defend himself against the T-Rex Super Charge Mode and the Plesio Charge Megazord's Pachy-Rex Formation. Heckyl then considers killing Hunter for failing, but Singe convinces him to spare the outlaw, as he will be need for bait in his next plan. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Roar of the Red Ranger

Heckyl then watches on as Singe explains his next plan to him, which is to use Zotak rings in order to neutralize the Energems and allow them to take the items without fear of reprisal, as the Rangers would not be able to access their powers. Fury is quick to point out they do not want to nullify their energies, but steal them instead. Despite disagreeing with Fury's roughness, even suggesting he should use some anger management, Heckyl points out Fury is right, as Singe's plans, as elaborated and complex as they may be, are useless unless accompanied by results. He then tells Singe to get him the Energems or he will neutralize him. Later, when Singe and Fury's bickering has caused the plan to fail altogether, Heckyl scolds them for acting immature like children, taking their weapons away, and locking them both on the same cell, explaining their foes love it when they fight amongst themselves and that maybe some quality time together will teach them to play nice, leaving them to resolve their differences, laughing as he turns his back on them, reminiscent of punishment which Sledge could have done before he and Snide took over. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Forged Under Fire

Heckyl is then shown threatening to terminate Game Face for his failure, until he is convinced otherwise due to the fact the Vivix are in terrible shape, to which the outlaw is given one more chance. When the monster is done with his hard and severe training, his Doom Squad, which now also includes the Spikeballs, monitored by Fury and Wrench, he and his team fare better in battle, but are still beaten. Heckyl then jokes the Rangers want to be in the big leagues and has the entire Doom Squad enlarged to giant size. Nevertheless, the combined might of the Rangers' three Megazords proves too much, and the outlaw is once more defeated, along with his underlings. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Home Run Koda

Heckyl then proceeds to eat some popcorn while paying attention to Fury's latest plan to create a hybrid monster named Spell Digger, made from Spellbinder's magic pendant and Gold Digger's coins, and to curse anyone who touches them into becoming greedy. He approves the idea, saying it is perfect, and lends Singe's blaster to Fury to give him some extra firepower in battle. As part of the plan, he personally distributes the cursed coins to the natives of Amber Beach and has Spell Digger lure Chase and Tyler into a trap. When the first pitfall fails, Heckyl asks Fury why he was not able to get the Energems, to which he is answered that the Gold Ranger foiled everything. Wrench proposes a solution in the form of a magic portal to ensnare the heroes. Heckyl then reminds Spell Digger that if he messes this up, he will not be safe around him. As Kendall realizes the plot, Shelby, Riley, Koda and Ivan are led to the combo monster by their then accursed teammates. Upon assuming the T-Rex Super Charge Mode and using the Tri-Ankylo Formation, Tyler successfully weakens Spell Digger enough for the Rangers to defeat him. Though he is enlarged, he is again defeated by the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation. It is then revealed that Heckyl is being snitched on by Singe as he is mentioned as a competitor for the Energems, something which does not go unnoticed by Fury. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Riches and Rags

Meanwhile at the ship, Heckyl tries to taste the cookie made by the baker monster Half-bake, but he didn't like the taste of the cinnamon. It turns out that the Spikeball that was sent by Half-bake didn't return with the cinnamon because he was destroyed. Heckyl ask Half-bake about the Rangers' Energems and he and Wrench started laughing at the same time when the monster said he wanted a chance to fight. As a joke, he also lets Half-bake kidnap the Impostor Pink Ranger which is Shelby's best friend. Heckyl was furious that the Rangers destroyed Half-bake and saved Erin and offers him one last chance before having Wrench fire the Magna Beam at Half-bake. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Besties 4Eva!

In the ship, Heckyl asks Singe how he knew where to find the Titano Zord, but he calls it "Intuition". Then Heckyl starts losing his patience and angrily ask Singe who told him where to find the Titano Zord. Singe refuses to answer the question and attacks Heckyl, but was beaten by him. Singe says his true master is very loyal to him and Heckyl doesn't know the meaning of the word "evil". Singe leaves the ship and shoves Fury out of his way. Now aware of Singe's betrayal, Heckyl givess Fury permission to destroy him the next time they ever see Singe again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Gone Fishin

Overthrown and Lost Memories

Heckyl is captured by Arcanon and his cronies.

While in prison, he is secretly helped by Poisandra to get out of prison, as he and Snide are the ones who know where Sledge is. While attempting to assassinate Lord Arcanon, in the same time Singe gave his master the Dark Energem, Heckyl began to regain his lost memories of the time before he found the Energem in the past, thus confronts Arcanon and blames him for not only destroying his former home planet Sentai 6, but for also making Heckyl touch the Dark Energem during that critical situation before Arcanon orders Singe and Fury to imprison him again in a different place. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wings of Danger


Heckyl was eventually separated from Snide through the stolen Split Emitters. Without his former other half to suppress his better nature, he vows to rebuild his home world. Managing to escape the ship, he makes camp in the woods. In the same time, he witnesses Snide had been manipulating Lord Arcanon and secretly helping Sledge's crew in preparation for the bounty hunter's return without him knowing all along, as well as the downfall of Arcanon, Singe, and the Musician Duo Conductro and Screech. The Dark Energem is now under Sledge's hand. Heckyl encounters three of the Rangers when they come across his campsite (the rest of the Rangers were turned into statues by Badussa's amulet at that time), explaining that he is no longer a threat due to the Dark Energem's evil no longer being in him ever since his memories were awakened shortly before Sledge's return. He later steps in to save the Rangers, earning their trust.

Heckyl helps the Rangers destroy Snide

When Snide makes a last attempt to kill the Rangers, Heckyl offers assistance in putting an end to his dark half forever. He helps the Rangers prevent Sledge from tearing the Earth apart by destroying the Dark Energem to unlock the Energems true power. However, this creates a black hole that swallows Sledge's ship and the Earth. To save Earth, Heckyl joins the Rangers on a journey to the past.

Heckyl becomes the Keeper of the Dark Energem.

Arriving at the beginning of the events of Powers from the Past, Heckyl assists the Rangers in slaying Sledge's Crew in the past. Giving Sledge a punishment worthy of his crimes, Heckyl ties the now-giant bounty hunter to his own ship, which the Rangers program to fly into the sun, destroying them and ending their reign of terror for good. As the Rangers are returned to their proper times, Heckyl is given the honour of becoming a Keeper, and with Zenowing's help, is sent back to before Lord Arcanon attacked Sentai 6 in his search for the Dark Energem to thwart his plans.

Becoming a Ranger

After Heckyl became the official Keeper of the Dark Energem following the events of End of Extinction, he and Zenowing return to Sentai 6 before its destruction by Lord Arcanon. Frightened by the possibility of losing his planet a second time, Heckyl secretly began building a Morpher for the Dark Energem based on Zenowing's Titano Charge Morpher. This event alerted Lord Arcanon to Sentai 6's location, which Zenowing confronted Heckyl on. In an act of desperation, Heckyl locked Zenowing in another room while he used the Dark Energem to morph into a corrupted version of the Dark Ranger.

Using his newfound power, Heckyl destroyed Lord Arcanon only moments before the Dark Energem attempted to turn Heckyl into Snide again. Zenowing then arrived at Heckyl's side and used his magic to purify the Dark Energem's influence on Heckyl, sacrificing himself in the process. Blaming himself for Zenowing's death, Heckyl decided to never return to Sentai 6. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 35

Split History

"Shattered Grid"

Receiving Zordon's call through the Morphin Grid, Heckyl was among the Rangers who rallied to his pocket dimension for the last stand against Lord Drakkon. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29

After having his Morpher reinforced by Doctor K, Heckyl took part in a mission to Lord Drakkon's fortress to rescue captured Rangers, and was subsequently aboard the Promethea when it was trapped in an unknown dimension known as “The Void”. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30 Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Issue 1

Beyond the Grid

Trapped on the Promethea for over 4 weeks, Heckyl was quick to board the Promethea ship on a mission to find life aboard on an unknown vessel. After dealing with hostile forces on the vessel, Kimberly inquired about his origin and Heckyl stated that his Rangers on Promethea are from a different point in the timeline than he is. He had a sad expression, as he regretted his evil acts against the Dino Charge Rangers and wanted to be a better person.Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 32

Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Heckyl is playable in his Dark Ranger Attire in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, making him the first character to have appeared in a Sentai show but not a Power Rangers Series in the game. His Solar Ranger form appeared as the unlockable skin for July 2020,he is a Epic (Leader), Epic (Assist) character, and represents Dino Charge Rangers alongside Kendall and Koda.


Out of the villains in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series, Heckyl is one of the more complex characters in the series. Before becoming an alien outlaw along with Snide, he was a kind-hearted and protective alien that will do anything in his power to guard the Dark Energem. But after being corrupted by the Dark Energem's power and being part Snide, he is a ruthless (though not as ruthless and say Snide or Lord Arcanon) and a psychopathic alien outlaw that will do whatever it takes to destroy the Power Rangers and rule the Earth.

Despite being psychotic however, Heckyl has proven to be a capable strategist. According to Sledge, Heckyl could be mistaken for a hero, hinting a high potential for deception; however, it's also possible this was Heckyl's better nature breaking through Snide's corruption. Though in accordance to Sledge's claims in this sense, Heckyl's arrogance often trumps his intellect. In his own twisted way, Heckyl seeks a connection with the other outlaws, as shown when he punishes his subjects for pleasure rather than discipline. This stems mainly from the corruption he undertook from the Dark Energem Despite Heckyl's schemes, Snide still has a slightly higher success rate than him. Yet, neither one is able to maintain complete control, even if they agreed to cooperate. This continues up until they are separated by Wrench as per Snide's own pact with Arcanon in the episode "Freaky Fightday".

After becoming his own being due to regaining his original memories, Heckyl reveals that Snide's influence was what made him evil and eventually begins to try and reform his ways, even saving the Rangers in one instance from Badussa, a Medusa-themed knight monster, despite their clear distrust toward him, which seems to pass once he explains he is no longer one with Snide and his true mission now is to rebuild his world, which was destroyed by Arcanon in his quest to claim the Dark Energem. Heckyl also seems to have lost his psychosis, now seeking only to redeem himself and seemingly turning over a new leaf.


Heckyl is as strong as Lord Arcanon, Snide and Sledge, although Lord Arcanon has the advantage over both Heckyl and Snide since he has the Dark Energem in his clutches. After separating from Snide, it appears he lost a majority of his power to Snide. This is hinted during Heckyl's final battle against Snide where he needed the Power Rangers' assistance.

Powers and Abilities

Heckyl Energy Blasts.png

  • Lightning Beams: In his human form, Heckyl's primary ability is to fire light blue lightning beams from his hands, which are strong enough to vaporize multiple opponents at once, open every cage on Sledge's ship, and hold back Sledge's Energem powered blaster back for a few seconds, though they were eventually overwhelmed by the legendary artifact.
    • Electro-Telekinesis: These beams can also move things with electrical telekinetic power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Forged Under Fire
  • Durability: Despite being in his human form at the time, Heckyl was inside of Fortress when it exploded and was not destroyed.
  • Longevity: Heckyl has existed for millions of years (though this was possibly due to his bond with Snide, who was created by the Dark Energem).


  • Goggles: Heckyl possesses a pair of special goggles, which are capable of detecting hidden sources of energy and power. They are primarily used to locate invisible or covered objects without raising suspicion from nearby people, particularly the Power Rangers.
  • Pocket Watch: Heckyl is shown to have a pocket watch, which allows Snide to talk to him directly.
  • Transformation Tattoo: On the side of Heckyl's neck is a tattoo that combines him and Snide together. When it glows, one will transform into the other. This only happens if he fails to steal an/the Energem(s) or fails in a fight. He presumably lost this tattoo when he and Snide were split apart.

Ranger Powers

Initial form

When Heckyl used the Dark Energem to morph for the first time, Heckyl transformed into this initial corrupted version of the Dino Charge Dark Ranger. It was shown to give Heckyl strength when he defeated Lord Arcanon single-handedly. However, the power of the Dark Energem then tried to turn Heckyl back into Snide.


Dino Charge Dark Ranger

When Zenowing sacrificed himself to purify the Dark Energem's influence on Heckyl, this became Heckyl's default Ranger form.


  • Unnamed Morpher
  • Dino Com
  • Dark Energem
  • Boomerang Sword


  • Spino Zord
  • Solarix Morphin’ Energy Spino Zord - A remake of the original Dino Charge Spino Zord made completely of energy from the Solarix

Blue Solar Ranger


  • Electric Boomerang: A Boomerang weapon.


Morph and Roll Call

Behind the scenes


  • Heckyl is portrayed by Ryan Carter.
  • The Dark Ranger's identity was revealed to be Heckyl at Power Morphicon 8, with a special appearance by Ryan Carter, the prime Heckyl's actor at Boom Studio's panel.

Concept Art

Blue Solar Ranger concept Art

  • Heckyl's Solar Ranger costume was designed by Simone Di Meo.


  • Heckyl is the first villain in the Power Rangers franchise to appear as a monster in one season and then become a boss in the next season.
  • Heckyl's name and personality, together with those of Snide, form a reference to Jekyll and Hyde, the titular split personalities of the novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • The Dark Ranger was first revealed on the cover of Issue 31. His name was originally called the Talon Ranger via. the Dino Charge toyline when the #00 Dino Charger is inserted into the DX Dino Charge Morpher, making it apparent that an adaptation of either Deathryuger or Kyoryu Navy was to appear in the show While Yoshi Sudarso himself had stated in an interview that such Ranger was associated with Doomwing, this was not the case, and neither suit was used in the show. Representatives from Bandai of America had acknowledged the character and said that he may appear in future Action Hero assortments.


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