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Heavy Industrial Machine Frankenzaurus (怪重機フランケンザウルス Kaijūki Furankenzaurusu, 36): A powerful Heavy Industrial Machine created by Poppenian Hymal from the data I copy from Dekaranger Robo and DekBike Robo after the battle with Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture VI to be able to overcome the Deka Machines. Most of its body, apart from the head, was created from six parts of six previous Heavy Industrial Machines. It was also powered by the Hymal Reactor, a dangerous reactor created by Hymal capable of producing great energy production at the risk of destroying half the earth if it exploded. Operated remotely by Hymal (and after by Agent Abrella), he was able to overwhelm Dekaranger Robo and Super Dekaranger Robo who were unable to destroy him without risking destroying its core. When Abrella set it to explode, Swan Shiratori was able to safely disable the reactor, allowing the Dekarangers to could finally destroy Frankensaurus with the Dekawing Cannon.

Although has some of the attacks of the machines that compose it, his most powerful attack is the Franken Hyper Crush (フランケンハイパークラッシュ Furanken Haipā Kurasshu) spinning attack where it charges quickly against the Super Dekaranger Robo and turns very fast to hit it with its tail.


The following components were used to create Heavy Industrial Machine Frankenzaurus:


concept art

  • Frankenzaurus is the only Heavy Industrial Machine to defeat the Deka Machines.
  • Frankenzaurus's finisher attack Franken Hyper Crush is based off the RV Robo's Violent Dash Cut attack from Gekisou Sentai Carranger.


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