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"For such a remote area of space, the materials are rare. They'll create very nice jewels."
Diamantian Don Moyaida, pilot of the Fan Crusher.[src]

Heavy Industrial Machine Fan Crusher (怪重機ファンクラッシャー Kaijūki Fan Kurasshā) is the first mecha fought by the newly-completed Dekarangers team on Earth.


The Fan Crusher is designed in a quadruple formation and capable of absorbing materials through the giant fan to absorb required materials need for making space diamonds. Its only intrinsically offensive move involved a few vulcans on the front. Aside from this, it had two drills on the front, and could attack by spewing chunks of consumed rock from the back.

Though can be remotely controlled from a remote controller device, it can also be piloted once the remote docked into the cockpit. It even comes with an autopilot function, namely the Suicide Runner that would made the mecha endlessly attacking in it's path.


Diamantian Don Moyaida, the operator of the Fan Crusher, had conspired with Lovelian Balance to bring the Fan Crusher to Earth, and destroy buildings while converting their raw materials into valuable space jewels. Once the mecha's three parts had been brought down to the surface through a disabled defense shield, Don Moyaida then stole the control metal back from the Dekarangers, and used it to re-unite the parts into the whole machine.

Although it was large enough to hold off the Patgyror, Patarmor, Patrailer, and Patsigner, once DekaRed arrived with the Patstriker and combined with the others into Dekaranger Robo, the Fan Crusher could provide only limited resistance. The Dekarangers soon destroyed it with the Justice Flasher finisher, forcing Don Moyaida to eject.

The lack of intrinsically offensive abilities and the fact the Dekaranger Robo made shorter work of it than most later mecha, combined with its function in making space jewels, suggests it to have originally been a mining machine. Fan Crusher is one of the few mecha that the Dekarangers never fought more than once, not counting its remains' eventual use in constructing Frankenzaurus.

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  • This is not the first time a Sentai season starts with a fan-based mecha: the Fan Kong was the first mecha utilized by Deathdark in the opening episode of Goggle V.

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