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"The Sparkling Ice Element! Heavenly Saint~Snowgel!"

Heavenly Saint Snowgel (天空聖者スノウジェル Tenkū Seija Sunōjeru) is the Heavenly Saint of the Sparkling Ice Element (煌めく氷のエレメント Kirameku Kōri no Eremento), represented by White Magicians, with Miyuki (MagiMother) being the first. Snowgel is the most senior of all the Heavenly Saints and is the Five Legendary Magicians' pupil, with the power to unleash the dormant magic within a person. However, distraught from how magic brought misfortune from Miyuki and Blagel's demises and Raigel's treachery, Snowgel left Magitopia to dwell in the Marudeyona World called the Lamentation Sea, its very waters coming from Snowgel's tears. The Magirangers found Snowgel, in her guise of an infant, inside a giant fish and melted her frozen heart with their powerful courage, giving her hope as she gives them the Legend power. Snowgel later appears to aid the Magirangers against Hades Ultimate God Drake, revealing her true adult form while giving Hikaru an important lesson. She later aided them in their fight against Absolute God N Ma in the finale.

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