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"The Serene Moonlight Element! Heavenly Saint, Lunagel!"
―Lunagel's roll call[src]

Heavenly Saint Lunagel (天空聖者ルナジェル Tenkū Seija Runajeru) of the Serene Moonlight Element (冴える月影のエレメント Saeru Tsukikage no Eremento) was the last person to see Blagel, who orders her to seal the Hades Gates with "key magic", ensuring it would stay closed as long as she lived. She has the key that will open the Inferno Gate. As she was about to depart for Magitopia, Lunagel is attacked by Raigel, losing her memory as a result and becoming a human.

Character History

After years of wandering, Lunagel is unknowingly saved by Kai when Vancuria finds her. She was named Rin (リン Rin) by Kai because of the little bell on her bracelet. She hummed the Magitopia theme that the kids heard often from a musical angel. Tsubasa made a memory potion that refreshed her memory, but she didn't want to take it. Eventually, the Magirangers managed to help her regain her memories. At first, she had little confidence in the Magirangers' abilities due to their kindness and sought to destroy Wolzard on the notion that he was Raigel, only to be captured as a result. After Kai saves her, Lunagel realizes that Blagel was truly kind and Wolzard is nothing like Raigel.

After Branken's death, Lunagel departed for Magitopia, seeking to destroy Infershia herself and closed the Inferno Gate, returning it back to its normal state. Later, Lunagel would aid the siblings by presenting them to Magiel in order to help them master their Legend Powers. While curing those infected by Mold, Lunagel reveals to the siblings more of the events of fifteen years ago relating to Blagel. She returns in Stage 31 to calm down the ranger's elemental powers that have grown out of control thanks to the Legend power.

In Stage 47 she appears beaten up to inform everyone that Magitopia was under attack by N Ma. She aided them in the finale but was injured by N Ma. Magiel teleports her away where she interrupts Hikaru and Urara's first kiss as husband and wife. Kai considers Lunagel as another sister figure and still calls her by her human name, Rin, rather than her Heavenly Saint name.


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Lunagel is portrayed by Meibi Yamanouchi (山内 明日 Yamanouchi Meibi)


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