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Heavenly Saint Chronogel (天空聖者クロノジェル Tenkū Seija Kuronojeru): Heavenly Saint of Time, the creator of the Reverse Magic that influences time. Seeing it too dangerous for anyone else to wield, Chronogel places a curse on Reverse Magic should anyone but himself use it, retreating into a Marudeyona World and sealing himself within a mountain. When MagiYellow used a Reverse Magic spell to uncover an Infershia scheme, he was stricken with a horrible side effect, opening a chasm through his chest which sucked in time, appearing as a dark whirlwind.

Heavenly Saint Chronogel

Hikaru sealed him with a barrier spell and took him to find Chronogel's Redemption Staff, the only thing that could spare those who suffer the Reverse Magic curse. After overcoming the odds, and even Wolzard's mind games, Hikaru removed the staff. Wolzard, however, used it as a chance to take out the unmoving Chronogel, killing him with a blast from his Jagun Shield.

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