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Heavenly Flower

Heavenly Flower (天空の花 Tenkū no Hana): A brooch Miyuki Ozu received from Magitopia, which every ten years would siphon all the love from the world unless in the presence of a "undying love". Ten years prior, Miyuki tried to give the brooch to Doggie Kruger and Swan Shiratori to protect it from the wrong hands, though they turned her down. To that end, Miyuki set up Happy Fantastic Day so had her family's love can keep the Heavenly Flower in check. However the Hades Beastman Demon Aboloth/Agent X and Alienizer Babon were after it to steal love from the universe. The two Magirangers and Dekarangers finally got possession of the brooch and used its once in a millennia Blizzard of Light power to destroy Agent X and Babon with the Fantastic Strike Out. Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger

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