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Heatwave Hood (ハニワ腹話術師 Haniwa Fukuwajutsushi, 23)is a very powerful Gorma Minion.

Character History

Heatwave Hood (陽炎頭巾 Kagerō Zukin, 23): A Gorma who devoured Kujaku and Daigo of the Heavenly Phantom Star, using them as hostages. He worked under Gara and his scheme was to kill all humans with his flame ability which would cause a fever that would eventually kill the victims if he wasn't destroyed. He later trapped both Daigo and Kujaku inside of him with them being baked alive within him. Gara planned to kill him with his own blade to kill all three in one go but Ryo prevented this with his Heavenly Fire Star Blaze Destruction Wave. Meanwhile, instead of giving up, Daigo decided to literally punch his way out. Heatwave Hood was eventually beheaded by Gara who hoped the explosion would kill Daigo and Kujaku but they escaped before he blew up. Heatwave Hood somehow managed to grow giant so the Dairangers summoned thier Mythical Chi Beasts and formed Dairen-oh. Heatwave Hood was quickly killed by the Raging Hurricane Winds after they critically injured him with thier Phantom Yamoto Line.


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Modus and Arsenal

Heatwave Hood's primary ability is that he can project large blasts of flame from his mouth capable of causing immense fevers in people and even drying up an entire river with one puff. He wields the Kagerou Blade in battle which can fire immensely strong waves of fire and his signature attack is the Fire Pillar Reversal where his blade is stabbed into the ground to send massive pillars up around his enemies with enough force to take down and even later demorph all five Dairangers with one hit.




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  • It is unclear how Heatwave Hood was able to grow since most other monsters at least didn't die before using thier Growth Bomb.
    • It is possible that Gara had one with her and used it on him o try and destroy the Dairangers or that he just had the natural ability to become giant at will.

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