This article is about a/an comic story in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Heat Hunters is a comic story based on Power Rangers Dino Thunder, which was printed as part of the 4th issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



As the three Dino Rangers are out on patrol on their Raptor Cycles, they are attacked by Mesogog's new robots called Heat Hunters. The Rangers manage to battle free from them and try to get away on ther Raptor Cycles. But the robots catch up to them and attack their cycles causing the Rangers to fall off. Time for the Z-Rex Blaster, this destroys some of the robots but also sets a tree on fire. The Rangers watch as the robots now attack the tree giving Ethan an idea, he picks up one of the branches from the burnning tree and throws it through an invisiportal. All of the robots now follow the branch through the portal into Mesogog's lair and start to attack him.[2]




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