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Heart of the Master

The Heart of the Master

The Heart of the Master is an artifact created eons ago by the Morphin Masters. It is a red gem-like object that is a diamond prism in shape with a black flame-like emblem inside of its core. The Heart is very powerful and potentially dangerous as it can vastly enhance the power of a being connected to the Morphin Grid, giving them god-like power as they can shape and alter reality across countless universes in space and time according to their will.

Users who wield it in their morphed state also gain classic superhero-like superhuman abilities such as red energy blasts, super strength, electro energy generation, superhuman resistance to damage (but not invulnerability), flight and super speed. The drawback to its power aside from its potential capacity for untold cosmic destruction to all of creation by altering reality is that a user must have a calm or disciplined mind to maintain the power's stability. Otherwise, the Heart will sense its users doubts and mental insecurities and use it against them in the form of spiritual creatures attacking them as a means of trying to remove itself from them. These beings grow stronger and stronger and multiply until the user is too weak to fight back against them due to their mental state weakening, with their negative emotions and insecurities literally overpowering them in physical form.

It is shown when two beings fight for control of the Heart, they enter a black void-like astral plane where their unmorphed spirits fight for control of it. Whomever wins the fight gains the full control of the Heart and if the loser had it in their possession, the removal of it de-morphs them in the real world and the Heart transfers over to the winner.


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Lord Drakkon steals the Heart of The Master

Upon entering the Morphin Grid, Lord Drakkon engaged and defeated the three Emissaries, He then searched for and found the Heart of the Master. He stole it and grafted into his body to use all of its power to reshape all of reality into his twisted image.
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Drakkon uses the Heart and eradicates all of reality, destroying all known alternate Earths in the process.

His first act as an all powerful god was the devastating eradication of all alternate Earths and universes with just a gesture of his hand, except for one he created, which would be the sole singular existence in all of space and time.
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The Rangers use the Heart of the Master to revive the Multiverse.

After the Rangers fought and defeated Drakkon with the help of Tommy Oliver and the Emissaries, the Rangers used the Heart to recreate and save the multiverse from its previous erasure.

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