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"Time for the glory of destruction."
―Headridge's first words when leading an army of X Borgs into battle[src]

Headridge is a lamprey eel-themed monster working for the Armada.

Character History

Headridge was the first commander to be sent down to Earth by Prince Vekar. He was quickly and easily defeated by the Super Mega Rangers' newfound power with them destroying him using thier Super Mega Sabre Final Strike. Tentacus was then sent immediately thereafter to replace him as the field commander to the XBorgs and Bruisers.



He is loyal to his mission but brutal as he would kill and destroy anyone who came across his path.

Powers and abilities.

  • Missile Projection-Headridge can fire missiles from the turbine-like things protruding on his shoulders.


  • Gun-Headridge carries a massive gun to aid him in combat. It can fire massive blasts of blue energy.

Behind the Scenes


  • He is voiced by Cameron Rhodes.


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