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"I see! And they couldn't have told me that before."

Hayley is the manager of the Cyberspace Cafe in Reefside where the Dino Rangers frequently hung out. She is a good friend of Tommy and all the Dino Rangers.


Little did the Rangers know until the episode "Legacy of Power" that Hayley actually helped Tommy create the Dino Thunder Ranger powers. After Tommy became the Black Dino Ranger, Hayley became the technical adviser of the Dino Rangers.

Hayley is a very intelligent MIT graduate. She got tired of working for high-tech corporations and decided to open her own place. She is always mysteriously and is extremely well informed about her customers.

She also had a personal hand in creating the Dino Morphers as "Tommy may know stuff like dinosaurs and bones but a rocket scientist... he ain't". She also created the Raptor Cycles, Battlized Triassic Ranger and the other weapons that the Rangers use in battles. Hayley helps the Rangers through most of the season supplying most of their weapons. Hayley is the one who finds the Brachiozord and the Ankylozord.

In "Thunder Struck", Hayley joins the Rangers in their journey to Mesogog's Island Fortress and while the Rangers fight against the Tyrannodrones, Hayley destroys the fortress with the new vehicle she invented: the Triceramax Command Center Truck.


Hayley is extremely intelligent and clever in addition to being a computer genius and scientist. Hayley is a good and valuable friend of the Rangers. She is responsible, alongside Tommy, for creating most of the Dino Rangers' arsenal. Hayley is also kindhearted and independent. She is also calm and reserved, as shown with her interactions with Trent during the White Dino Ranger arc. These traits makes it so that the Rangers value her advice, which she often gives to them.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Genius Level Intelligence and Mechanical & Engineering Knowledge: Hayley is a computer genius skilled in both programming and hacking. Only Mesogog is shown surpassing her abilities as seen during Legacy of Power when she is trying to hack into his Invisportal network. She is also shown to be skilled in mechanics and enginering. A line from her in Legacy of Power also implies that is familar in astrophysics, based on saying that Tommy isn't a rocket scientist. She aided her friends by creating numerous weapons, such as Dino Morphers, Raptor Cycles, the Battlized Triassic Ranger power, and she found both the Brachiozord and Ankylozord. Hayley is also notable for creating the special vehicle, Triceramax Command Center Truck, which ends up destroying Mesogog's Island Fortress.

Behind The Scenes[]



  • Hayley's surname Ziktor is a reference to Carl Ziktor, the alter ego of Grimlord, the main villain of VR Troopers.
  • Many characters and aspects of the Dino Thunder season were references to various parts of the Zordon Era. In this case, Hayley is a reference to Alpha 5, in that she is the technical expert of the team, as well as Ernie, in that she owns and operates a place where the Rangers and their friends typically hang out.
  • Hayley graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), yet she claims to have gone to college with Tommy Oliver, a paleontology professor. This creates a plot hole, as MIT does not have a paleontology course in the real world, but it just might in the Power Rangers continuity. Of course, they could have just attended the same college as undergraduates before receiving advanced degrees.
  • The actor who portrayed Hayley, Ismay Johnston, also portrayed a TV announcer for the Sports video competition that the Rangers of Power Rangers Ninja Storm entered in the episode "Good Will Hunter".
  • Hayley is the only ally of the Rangers to destroy a main villain.
  • Hayley is the only main character who is not credited in any version of the opening theme.
  • Hayley was planned to be revealed subtextually as lesbian in a now-scrapped version of Dino Thunder's finale.
  • She shares her name with Hayley, Ninja Steel White, of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel.


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