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"Spirit of the Ninja! Ninja Steel White!"
―Ninja Steel White's roll call[src]

Hayley "Hales" Foster is Ninja Steel White, the White Ranger of the Ninja Rangers

Character History

Hayley is a student

Hayley and Calvin are attacked.

at Summer Cove High School and is the owner of a dog named Kody.

During high school (before the nexus arrived on earth) she met Calvin and became a loving couple. Hayley and Calvin were in a Nitro truck getting it fixed when Mick landed in front of them. Ripcon finds them and Hayley drives them to the school's auto shop to get Mick's data com fixed. They learn from Brody through the com that the Ninja Steel was in his dad's trophy. During a fight with Ripperrat using sports equipment, the Nexus Prism lands with the Yellow and White power stars glowing. Hayley and Calvin pull them out, and with the others, they become Power Rangers with Hayley becoming the White Ranger. Time after, Calvin reveals he salvaged enough parts from various motorcycles to create a new one. Brody and the other Rangers are impressed and ask him to ride it, however, Calvin is reluctant too. Hayley reveals that Calvin can't actually drive and that she's been his chauffeur for some time. A monster called, Tangleweb runs into four of the Rangers, sans Calvin, and quickly gobbles them up and the motorcycle, putting them into a pocket dimension. Calvin with the help of Hayley and Mick is able to free his friends. Later, Calvin is shown with his driver's license. Redbot is seen reading a story in the Ranger's base, where a Prince asks a maiden to the ball. Inspired by this, Redbot tries to ask Hayley to the upcoming school dance in the same manner as the prince, bowing on one knee as if to propose marriage. She rejects him, believing him to be just a machine, unintentionally hurting his feelings.

Hayley decides to go help the rangers set up the rest of the way. However upon arriving, both Hayley and Brody are doused with punch, courtesy of Victor's failed dance attempt. The duo decided to go back to the base, where they disc

Hayley mad at Calvin.

over Redbot is missing, but his book remains open. Brody realizes Hayley must have hurt Redbot's feelings. Guilty, Hayley decides to go look for him with her dog Kody.

With Kody's help, Hayley tracks Redbot to the forest where she meets Badpipes, and almost gives him her power star. However Redbot shows up, immune to the effects, and pushes Badpipes over, disarming the monster of his instrument. Snapped out of it, Hayley morphs and fights Badpipes. failing to keep them away. Just as Badpipes is allowed to finish her off, Redbot steps in and protects Hayley, taking a shot to the leg. As a means of escape, Kody throws dirt on the monster, allowing the two to escape.

However, being that one of his thrusters was busted, Redbot crashes, malfunctioning. In horror, Hayley sends Kody off, and tries to get Redbo

The Rangers face Deceptron

t fixed.

However the robot successfully reboots himself. The two reconcile, as the other ranger arrive, as does Ripcon. While Brody fights Ripcon, the others stop Bagpipes. At the dance, Victor makes a fool of himself, and Hayley dances with Redbot & eventually the Rangers in the base. Sometime after a new Gold Ranger appears fighting with a monster whose shadow is only seen and defeats him with his Storm Star Tornado Slashes Final Attack (although all of that happened off-screen). When the other Rangers arrive, the Gold Ranger had left. The Rangers were standing in a queue in order to meet Levi Weston, a country music singer. All the Rangers, except Brody, are very excited to meet Levi Weston. Brody wonders why everyone is crazy about Levi Weston.   Hayley says that she could do anything to win the backstage passes and Sarah agrees with her. After Brody befriends him the Rangers are in problems and Levi comes to help revealing to be the Gold Ranger to the rest. One morning Hayley arrives being upset with Calvin for being late to school, but she forgives him. While they were talking, Phonepanzee was hiding and recording their voices. Once he's done, he speaks into a Buzzcam on how he is going to use the Rangers' voices against them. The audience in the Warrior Dome roars with cheer.

The Rangers have arrived at the school, where it is revealed that Calvin and Hayley are both r

Hayley leading the Rangers.

unning for class president against Victor. Brody and Sarah help Calvin with his campaign while Preston and Levi help Hayley with hers. Meanwhile, Phonepanzee was recording everyone's voices. He prepares to leave, but the Rangers spot him. They give chase and Phonepanzee summons backup. He begins confusing the Rangers using the voices that he recorded before escaping.

Back at the school, Hayley and Calvin begin running their campaigns, using several tactics. While they were running, Victor starts a food fight and both Hayley and Calvin are blamed for starting it. This gives Victor and Monty an idea for something mischievous.

Phonepanzee used the voices he's recorded to trick Calvin, Brody, and Sarah into coming into a convenience store so they can capture them and their Ninja Power Stars. Outside, Preston and Hayley are running to the plaza when suddenly they figure out the truth when Phonepanzee phones Levi using Hayley's voice even though Hayley was standing right in front of him.

Hayley and Levi take care of Phonepanzee while Preston snuck inside to rescue the others. Together, they take down the monster, but Cosmo Royale Gigantifies him. The now gigantic Phonepanzee uses his Super Sonic boom attack to disrupt the Zords' frequencies, but Hayley uses her Kodiak Zord to overpower the Sonic Boom. They then defeat him using the Ninja Steel Megazord and Bull Ride

Calvin kisses Hayley.

r Megazord. 

Back at school, it's revealed that Victor ended up winning the election, even though his water balloon prank backfired against him.

After defeating monsters from Galaxy Warriors including Galvanax, Calvin forgets his and Hayley's anniversary, he panics and ends up a spinning a web of lies to cover up his mistake.

The Ninja Steel Rangers are playing pool at school when they receive a message from Mick saying they have some visitors. When the Rangers show up, the 3 strangers from the previous episode enter through their portal. They reveal themselves to be Wesley Collins from Time Force, Koda from Dino Charge, and Gemma from RPM. They explain that Draven has been capturing Rangers from other dimensions and ask the Ninja Steel rangers if they have seen anything suspicious. They say they haven't but they want to help.

Wes explains that first, they need to find Tommy Oliver. They travel to Oliver's house, where they see Draven and some Basherbots carrying a large chest come through a portal. Robo-Tommy comes out of the house. Madame Odius also appears, reminding Draven about their deal.

She then makes the three arrows inside Draven's chest powerful and explains that after firing the first Mega-Arrow,

The Ninja Steel Rangers team up with Veteran Rangers.

Draven must wait for the sky to turn red. She then goes back to the Warrior Dome. Draven, Robo-Oliver, and the Basherbots leave through the portal. Wes creates his own portal to the Antiverse where the other Rangers follow. After saving the captured Rangers, Hayley teams up with Trent Mercer (Dino Thunder White) to fight against the evil Ranger clones, when they were about to return to their dimensions Hayley thanks the Veteran Rangers for their help.

Odius reveals it is Valentine's Day, and she'll use the power of love to destroy the Rangers. Venoma appears at the scene and Odius orders her to use her special power to destroy the Rangers.

Preston is preparing to ask Sandy to the Valentine's Day dance at the school. Victor asks first, but she rejects him, saying she would rather go alone. Victor leaves her and emphasizes this to Monty. Preston overhears and feels heartbroken, thinking she wants to go by herself only. Victor then tries to ask Lori, who agrees, but wants a ton of items in return.

Preston tries to convince Sandy at the park to "change her mind", but Venoma shows

Sarah and Hayley spy on their parents.

up and shoots a love arrow at her backpack. He escorts Sandy and Venoma shoots Brody another love arrow and he falls in love. Hayley takes Brody away while the other three morph. Venoma tries to shoot Calvin another love arrow, but Preston, having morphed, pushes him out of the way. However, she still shoots Calvin and Levi with more love arrows and the two immediately swoon. They are forced into retreat.

Mick distracts the three swooning Rangers will the other three come up with a plan to get Venoma's arrows. Preston receives a text from Sandy to talk with her. She proposes to go with him to the Valentine's Day dance, but Preston is skeptical because he remembers that her backpack was struck by Venoma's love arrows. He rejects her, and Sandy leaves, upset. Haylee arrives and Preston explains what happened. But he realizes that the arrow struck her book, not her, and he feels guilty.

They come up with the plan to steal Venoma's arrows, but the three lovestruck Rangers snuck out of the lair. Thankfully, they don't make it that far because Calvin's car breaks down. While Preston searches for his friends, he finds honey stuck on a hubcap, and deduces that Venoma must be nearby. He morphs and the two battle.

Venoma shoots her love arrow to Preston, but it has no effect because of the metallic

Sarah gives an advice to Hayley.

chest plate he is secretly wearing. He pretends to be in love to get close to her and destroys her last love arrow. The effect wears off and the three lovestruck rangers are now back to normal. The girls find them and they go to find Preston. Venoma reveals that she has more than one type of arrow - fighting arrows, that is. However, he manages to destroy her. Cosmo gigantifies her and the Rangers destroy her using the Ninja Blaze Megazord, thus ending the Galactic Ninjas forever. Preston manages to convince Sandy to give her another chance, to which she agrees. 

In the Galaxy Warriors arena, Cosmo Royale introduces the new monster Blammo, who creates bombs out of thin air. The presentation is interrupted by Sheriff Skyfire, who is there to arrest Blammo and takes him off to prison, but is interrupted by Madame Odius.

She tells him that the Rangers stole the Ninja Nexus Prism, and he sets off to arrest them for their "crime".

At Summer Cove High School, Victor and Monty notice the security guard Clint confiscating someone's skateboard and ask if they can become guards too, so he makes them junior deputies.

In the cafeteria, the Rangers are all sitting down to eat as Haley feeds Cody. Clint then walks over and writes her up for having him there and when she tells him he's been there 12 times before, he writes her up for all of them. He even writes her up for putti


ng her soda in the garbage can and not the recycling bin. Mick then calls them and tells them that one of Odius' monsters is on Earth. They teleport in and confront Sheriff Skyfire, who deals some harm to them in the ensuing fight. When he reflects Brody's blast though, it hits a nearby car and the explosion knocks over an elderly woman who Brody dives to catch. Skyfire then picks up the woman's purse, hands it to her and apologizes for putting her in danger, to which she tells him to be more careful. The Rangers are surprised at Sheriff Skyfire's actions. Sheriff Skyfire tells them what Odius told him and the Rangers explain that The Ninja Nexus Prism was never hers in the first place. Skyfire asks for a full report of all the monsters Odius has sent to earth, upset that he was deceived.

Up on the ship, Odius sends Blammo down to plant a bomb in the junkyard where the Rangers train. He sets the bomb for 3:00 pm and puts it in the garbage.

Back at school, Victor and Monty, in full deputy gear, abuse their new authority by taking other students' clothes, food and school work and saying blue food is now banned.

Hayley and Preston portraying Romeo and Juliet in a school play.

Haley is called to the principle's office, who tells her she has received quite a few write-ups lately and wants her to sort the recycling in the scrapyard. Clint is already there sorting the bins though and reveals to Hayley that despite not being his job, it needs to be done.

He also reveals that since no one listens to him anyway about following simple rules, he is quitting after taking this load. Hayley is upset and talks to the other Rangers, who have Skyfire in tow. He says he understands what Clint is feeling, as it isn't just Hayley but everyone that drives someone to frustration. The other Rangers start to realize how much they've complained to him, but then they have to switch gears as Skyfire reveals who he is after.

It's Blammo, and Hayley recognizes one of his bombs was in the garbage. They go after Clint and catch up, finding the bomb with 12 seconds left.

Hayley comes up with a plan and uses her Ninja Element Star to open a deep hole in the ground, where they throw the bomb to safely explode. Clint is so excited to meet the Rangers, but that's interrupted by Blammo and the Rangers and Skyfire take him on.

The battle has them working together perfectly, and Skyfire uses his trademark Justice attack to knock Blammo down. Brody calls upon the Lion Fire Armor to finish the job and Skyfire offers him his sword to use in the attack. Blammo is taken care of, but then is gigantified by Cosmo Royale.

Team up with Sheriff Skyfire.

The Rangers call upon their Megazord to fight him and for a minute Blammo gets the upper hand, pushing them down into the ground. The Rangers are able to knock him down though and call upon their final attack to destroy him.

Sherrif Skyfire is off to report to his Headquarters for his next assignment and trusts that the Rangers can handle Odius.

Back at school, the Rangers have a plan to get Clint to stay and so they bring him to the workshop. They show him a new version of the recycling bins, as Hayley throws a bottle into the Garbage. He says that's the wrong bin, but the bin then lights up and spits the bottle out, saying that isn't the right container for it. They made it so his job would be easier and that kids won't break that rule anymore since the bin will remind them.

Odius and Mick proceed to infiltrate the base while Badonna beams the brainwashed civillians (including Calvin) up to the Warrior Dome. Brody, Levi and Preston go after Odius while Hayley and Sarah go after Badonna.

The girls reach Badonna who has already started beaming up prisoners. Hayley notices Calvin being beamed up so she decides to pretend to be a prisoner to which Sarah reluctantly follows suit. Meanwhile, Odius and Mick enter the base and steal the Prism and the rest of the Super Steel.

The boys arrive on the scene but Odius retreats before they can enter the base. Redbot

The Ninja Steel Rangers and Koda face Poisandra

informs them that Odius has stolen the Prism and is planning something terrible while the girls make contact. After realizing that they are on the Warrior Dome, Redbot tells them to destroy the satelite in order to free the prisoners. Meanwhile, Victor and Monty are sick of the hammers so Cosmo gives them grenades shaped balls instead. Odius turns the Prism evil with her mallet and the brainwashed Mick throws the Super Steel into the prism. Odius reveals that she plans on creating a Nexus Super Star and harnessing its incredible powers. Brody overhears this and remembers the original Nexus Star that was destroyed by Dane when Galvanax first appeared. At this point, Dane arrives but is brainwashed and tries to kill his sons! Hayley reaches the satellite but is ambushed by Calvin. After a brief struggle, Hayley shoots the satellite, freeing all of Odius's prisoners, inculding Dane, Mick and Calvin. Having been cured, Dane embraces his sons and Mick, realizing what is going on, frreaks out and runs to the Rangers for safety. Odius is livid that the signal stopped as the rangers c

Morphing one last time.

orner her. However, this was only a small part of her ultimate plan; the super star is finished. She then begins to merge with it, much to the Rangers' horror.

Meanwhile, Sarah is ambushed by a group of Basher Bots but is rescued by the now free captives who throw the Basher Bots down the garbage chute.

Victor and Monty arrive and decide to help get the other prisoners off of the Warrior Dome as Sarah, Calvin and Hayley escape. The Rangers reunite as a complete team as Odius completes her ultimate transformation, unleashing her final form which resembles a nine tailed fox. The Rangers morph and the final showdown begins. Odius proves to be too strong for the Rangers who are forced to retreat in order to come up with a plan. Meanwhile, Victor and Monty free all of the prisoners but are cornered by Cosmo and Badonna before they can escape. However, this is exactly what they wanted, as they throw the grenades at them before escaping. This resulting explosion kills Cosmo and Badonna and heavily damages the Warrior Dome.

Meanwhile, the Rangers try to think up a plan until Brody remembers that the Power Stars were formed when Dane destroyed the original Nexus Star. Preston uses his magic wand to merge the stars together, granting all six Rangers nexus power. At this point, Odius finds them and the Rangers declare war. Odius tries to attack but the Rangers counter her every move before Brody kocks her down. Odius is furious, believing that she was more powerful while Brody reveals that they have nexus power too. The rangers then proceed to unleash their Ultimate Nexus Bla

Hayley back with Calvin.

st attack, while Odius counters with her signature move, Dark Nexus Strike. A clash ensues, and the Rangers and Odius run towards each other, causing a series of explosions. After a heated clash, the Rangers use the Nexus Steel Strike, Steel Slash finisher to finally destroy Odius once and for all. Earth is saved, once again.

At the school, Victor finally receives his 50th trophy for saving the civilians of Summer Cove. The Rangers give their powers back to the prism as it flies away, as Mick decides to stay with them instead of returning to the Lion Galaxy. The Rangers walk away now living a normal life.



Hayley is an adventurous, smart, centered, competitive, and outdoorsy girl with a love of

Hayley with Kody.

nature and healthy living. Her best friend is Sarah Thompson. Sarah would help Hayley when she'd have problems with Calvin or to even sabotage their parents' relationship. She and Calvin Maxwell are an ideal couple, they give each other gifts in their anniversaries, Calvin picks her up in his truck for school in the mornings, and they always are by their sides during recess and other activities. When they face problems in their relationship, their friends and the actions they do help them realize that are always able to surpass every obstacle, like when Calvin was brainwashed and Hayley went to the Warrior Dome to rescue him. She also loves animals as she would bring her Siberian Husky dog named Kody to school if she was able to, he also became the inspiration for the name of her zord, the Kodiak Zord.

Ninja Steel White

Arsenal Zords Appearances: NS Episodes 2-22, SNS Episodes 1-22

Ninja Master Mode

When combined into the Megazord, the Rangers need to access Ninja Master Mode in order to operate it. Using the Ninja Master Mode Star, the White Ranger can access the Ninja Master Blade to perform attacks with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Without it the Megazord is without energy.



Appearances: NS Episodes 3-14, 16-19, 21

Super Ninja Master Mode

When combined into the Megazord, the Rangers need to access Ninja Super Steel Mode, an upgraded version of Ninja Master Mode, in order to operate it. Using the Super Ninja Master Star, the White Ranger can access the Ninja Master Blade or the Ninja Super Steel Blaster to perform attacks with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Without it the Megazord is without energy.



Appearances: SNS Episodes 2-9, 11-19, 21, 22

Behind the Scenes



  • She is the first core team White Ranger since Alyssa Enrilé, the first female White Ranger since Udonna as well as the first White Ranger since Dominic Hargan. She is also the only White Ranger in the Neo-Saban Era.
  • She is the only White Ranger who replaces the team's Green/Black Ranger as opposed to the team's Pink Ranger.
  • She is the first female Ranger to be Jake's counterpart, followed by Vesper.
  • Hayley is taller than Sarah and is almost equal height to the male Ninja Steel Rangers. Ironically, her Ninninger counterpart is the shortest member of the team, leading to height irregularities whenever Ninninger footage becomes Ninja Steel footage.
    • This makes her the opposite of Theo Martin from Jungle Fury. Theo is the shortest member of the Jungle Fury Rangers, but his Sentai counterpart is the tallest one.
  • Hayley is similar to Shelby Watkins from the previous season, in which they are both adventurous and clumsy and they both have romances in fellow teammates (Tyler for Shelby and Calvin for Hayley).
    • The difference for Hayley is that she and Calvin were dating before their season started.
      • In an early version of the script, she was going to break up with Calvin[Citation needed]


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