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Hayato Kono

Hayato Kono.

Hayato Kono was the younger brother of Natsuki Kono, a friend of Karen Mizuki. He was ambitious in making his name in martial arts like his sister and their father before them but was afraid he didn't have the skills. However his doubt is preyed upon by a CRIME agent, who gives him a special drug that allows for him to have the power to win the tournament, but likewise binds him into becoming a member of CRIME's Panther corp where he did the dirty work as part of a gang controlled by CRIME.

When Natsuko gives the request to Karen to find her brother when he goes missing, she ultimately discovers Hayato as part of the gang. While they are able to rescue him, his binding to CRIME for taking their drug is revealed to be fatal, due to them installing a bomb into his chest in case he tried to betray them. Bolting out of the hospital away from Karen and his sister, Hayato explodes to his death, angering Natsuko to the point of sieging upon CRIME's base herself with Heart Queen to have her revenge for what happened.Ep. 3: 5 Flashes!! Roar, Panther


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