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Haust (ハウスト Hausuto) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma.

Character History

A Space Beast with a powerful ability in telekinesis; it's plot involving using it's ability on the vehicles of Earth, making them drive on their own and causing havoc with them, including wrecking buildings and making them explode. Haust likewise taunts those he attacks with the cars by making small plush toys come to life as if controlling the cars. After initially clearing cities with his vehicle attack and befuddling the Changeman, he is ultimately tracked down by the team after he and Shiima abduct Shou and place him in a subspace within a flower shop. Once saved, Change Griffon disables Haust with the Griffon-Zooka before a Power Bazooka finishes him off. After being rebuilt by Gyodai, Haust uses his telekinesis to create an impenetrable defense; but the Changeman use a flash attack to briefly blind him before finishing him with the Dengeki-Ken.Ep. 10: The Dreadful Driverless Car Army


Haust was very confident in his powers and belived he could take over a weak planet like earth easy.

Modus and Arsenal

Haust plan was strate out of Maximum Overdrive. He used his powerful ability in telekinesis ability to make cars and vechiles all over the world come to live and go on a rampage. Runing people down crashing into build or just making them vilently explode. Every vechile he controled had a cut toy animalon it destroying the toy would break his control over it. When his cars faild to defeat the chargmen, sheema in descise lured then it to sub space to trape there souls and shoot there bodys into space. He coud allso use his telekinesis to make storms and land slides witch he used to great effect agients the cargmen and chargbot.



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Behind the Scenes

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