This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Hatsune Drum

  • Hazard Level: 3 (Dormant), 100 (Awakened)

The Hatsune Drum (初音の鼓 Hatsune no Tsuzumi, Drum of Year's First Sound) is an artifact originally mentioned in The Tale of the Heike, a classic of historical Japanese fiction.

Initially found by Gajah and the Boukengers, the Gordom leader literally gives it to the heroes when he thinks the Precious appears useless. Yet when Natsuki hits it once after retrieval, she awakens the spirit of a boy who asks her to save a treasure of his that has gone missing at Sanbonmatsu in Kitano-chō in modern Kobe. As Natsuki goes on her search, the drum mysteriously awakens and begins to increase in danger as it creates an army of Negative Syndicate forces (Karths, Dragonoid Soldier Jaryuu and Tsukumogami) out of mere leaves, which grows with each passing battle. The Boukengers continue to try and hold off the army of creatures until Natsuki finally finds the "treasure" of the boy spirit (a stone marking "Genkuro Kitsune", which is the boy itself) and annihilates the leaf monster army (and her own teammates) with Ultimate DaiBouken. With the boy saved, the drum settles down, revealing itself as the skinned hides of two foxes, upon which the stone was their son as the family is reunited. Task 24: The Hatsune Drum

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