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"Things could not be any sweeter for my master’s are Zedd and Rita. They put me here on Earth to do away with all the mirth. Hate Master is my name and spreading hate’s my claim to fame. The Power Rangers are the feet, spreading hate is really neat."
―The Hate Master's first words upon being created from Finster's seeds.[src]

"Nyeh heh heh heh! Well, here comes my little friend Squatt. You should see just what he’s got. While fighting Tengas, you projected all the dust that Squatt collected. Now to me, see, this stuff’s beyond compare. I absorb what I need, I throw the rest in the air. Now that Squatt’s departed, it’s time ta get the party started."
―The Hate Master when confronting five of the Power Rangers.[src]

"Now here's a good solution to get away from air pollution!"
―Hate Master upon being enlarged by Rita and Zedd.[src]

"How can this be? What’s happening to me? Will you stop all your harpin’? I need to go rest. I need to recharge. Seeya later, Power Pest."
―The Hate Master after Aisha defeated his spell.[src]

"Ow! Ow! What a way to gooooooooooo!"
―The Hate Master's final words before his destruction.[src]

The Hate Master was a chimera monster that served as the titular main antagonist of the two part episode "Stop the Hate Master".


Inspired by Aisha being rejected from the Angel Girl's club due to its leader Veronica being snobbish, Lord Zedd has the idea to use hatred to turn the Power Rangers against each other. Gathering the seeds left over from all of Finster's past monsters, he and Rita use thier magic in a choreographed dance to create the Hate Master. The Hate Master is a rapping creature that speaks only in rhyme but his rapping causes intense debilitating hatred in anyone that listens to it. Despite this, the monster needs an object from the Rangers to generate his hate dust so the Hate Master hides whilst the Tenga Warriors ambush the Power Rangers and Squatt gathers the dust that they trample. After the Tengas retreat, the Hate Master emerges and absorbs the dirt. With it, he is able to enchant the Rangers with various rap songs and evil dust which cause them to feel intense hatred and hostility towards each other. Alpha detects this and tries to withdraw the Power Rangers but the dust blocks the teleportation which allows the Hate Master to complete his spell. Assured of thier victory, Rita and Zedd enlarge the Hate Master to destroy the defenceless Angel Grove. In spite of the Hate Master's victory, Aisha isn't present as she is away visiting her grandmother. She goes to help her friends and seemingly convinces them to work together (although they were actually freed by a necklace given by her grandmother) and they morph before summoning the Ninjazords. Before they can fight, Zedd realizes that they need to make the spell stronger so he has the Hate Master chant again which immediately takes effect again. Only Aisha is unaffected because of her necklace but the lack of teamwork forces the Rangers to retreat.

Later, Rita wants to go on a second honeymoon so Zedd teleports the Hate Master back to Angel Grove Park in order to spread more hatred to speed things along. After the Hate Master infects Bulk and Skull, Aisha arrives in the Park so that she can go to the Youth Center and destroy Billy's device that has shut down the Command Center. Before she can get there though, she is confronted by the Hate Master and the Tengas so morphs into Ninja Ranger Mode. Despite Aisha winning, the Tengas gather dust for the monster who arrives and is able to infect her with his hate dust. In spite of this, she is able to resist and then completely defeat his spell by recalling memories of her grandmother and the Hate Master teleports away since he's worn out and "needs to go rest." Meanwhile, Aisha is able to convince her friends to be good again so they morph and confront the Hate Master. With thier plan failing, Rita and Zedd enlarge the Hate Master who attacks Angel Grove so the Rangers summon the Ninjazords again. Tommy first attacks with the White Ninja Falconzord's lasers before Adam attacks him with mini explosive frogs and the Frog Ninjazord's fire breath. With the Hate Master unfazed, Tommy summons Titanus which the monster tries to blast but the Zord is unfazed and shoots him before Rocky attacks him with the Red Ape Ninjazord's finisher. Billy and Aisha then hit him with the Wolf and Bear Ninjazords' eye beams before Kimberly hits him with the Pink Crane Ninjazord's energy beams. Mortally wounded, the Hate Master bemoans his anti-climactic death before slumping over onto his face and exploding. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stop the Hate Master

The Hate Master is later created to be amongst the monsters that attend Master Vile's End of the World Party to celebrate his capture of the Ninjazords, Shogunzords, and White Ninja Falconzord. The party is held at the Angel Grove Youth Center where the Hate Master is seen welcoming Vile's entrance. After the Rangers reclaim thier Zords and the Zeo Crystal however, Master Vile disbands the party to launch an attack by the Blue Globbor and the Hate Master leaves. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

The Hate Master is later seen as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena when Tommy forces Jason to fight Altor. He has not been seen since so his fate post-Zordon's Energy Wave is unknown but he was presumably vaporized due to being a monster based around hatred. Tvicon.png TV STORY-King for a Day


The Hate Master was an annoying sadist who spoke exclusively in rhymes and raps and enjoyed ausing hatred and discord amongst his enemies. He also proved to have an incredible ego since he kept on complimenting himself for brainwashing the Power Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: The Hate Master survived being shot by the Falconzord’s energy lasers, the Wolf and Bear Ninjazord eye beams, and the Frog Ninjazord’s fire breath and explosive frog attacks.
  • Object Absorption: The Hate Master was able to absorb the dust that Squatt collected by making his hands glow.
    • Hate Spreading: The Hate Master was able to project red clouds of dust from his hands to brainwash his enemies and make them vehemently hate each other.
  • Eye Blasts: The Hate Master could fire pink energy blasts from his eyes.
  • Energy Absorption: The Hate Master was able to absorb the energy from Rita and Zedd's lightning to make himself grow.
    • Size Changing: The Hate Master was able to shrink back down to human size after the hate filled Rangers withdrew from the battle.
  • Teleportation: The Hate Master could teleport to any location at will by launching red flames from his hands to engulf his body.


  • Constant Rhyming: The Hate Master possessed an inhuman ability to make all of his sentences rhyme with each other.


  • Concentrated Love: Although his hate dust affected most of the Rangers, the love inside Aisha's necklace from her grandmother shielded her against the dust. When Alpha later realized this, he was able to replicate this and save the other Rangers.
    • Loving Memories: Although the Hate Master affected Aisha when she didn't have her necklace, she was able to remember her happy times with her grandmother and resist his control.


  • Katana: The Hate Master wielded a large katana against the Ninjazords.

Behind the Scenes



  • The Hate Master was based on the Nue, a chimera like Yokai from Japanese mythology.


  • Since the monster could make anyone exposed to his dust loathe each other, his name alluded to his influence.


  • Since his episodes were aired before Final Face-Off, due to an error on FOX's part, the Hate Master was technically the first monster fought by Titanus since Commander Crayfish 53 episodes earlier..
  • Parts of Hate Master's costume were later used for different background monsters in "Fire in Your Tank." His "hair" was copied and combined with the recolored and altered body of Pirantishead while his body was combined with the head of Karakasa who went unused in Season 3. Fans have named this monster "Hate Mistress."


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