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""Now here's a good solution to get away from air pollution!"
―Hate Master causing some havoc."[src]
""What a way to go!""
―The Hate Master's final words before his death[src]

The Hate Master was a chimera-themed monster that serves as the titular main antagonist of the two part episode "Stop the Hate Master."


The Hate Master was created by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa from the evil seeds of the various monsters that Finster had created in the past although which monsters is never elaborated upon. Using his powers, he was able to 'enchant' the Rangers with various rap songs, causing them to feel nothing but hate and hostility with each other. Fortunately, Aisha was not affected by his initial attack as she was away visiting her grandmother, later being granted an immunity to even a direct attack from the Hate Master due to the love centered in a necklace her grandmother had given her. Using the love in the necklace, Alpha 5 was able to develop a machine that would purge the Rangers of the rest of their hate, Aisha managing to resist an attack from the Hate Master on her own by remembering her grandmother's encouragement. Once all six Rangers had amassed before him, Rita and Zedd made him grow for a second and final time. In spite of this, the Hate Master was finally destroyed by an all out assault from all six Ninjazords and Titanus with Kimberly and her Crane Ninjazord  landing the final blow with it's energy blasts..

Hate Master was among the monsters seen at Master Vile's End of the World party.Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

Hate Master was seen as an audience member at Prince Gasket's Machine Arena.King for a Day


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  • Since his episode was aired before "Final Face-Off", due to an airing error on FOX's part, the Hate Master is technically the first monster fought by Titanus since Commander Crayfish 53 episodes earlier..
  • Hate Master is the second of two MMPR monsters to only speak in rap and rhyme, the first being Pumpkin Rapper. Coincidentally, both monsters were voiced by Michael Sorich.
    • Both have pretty much the same voice as well.
  • Hate Master is based on the Nue, a chimera like demon from Japanese mythology. Another, more famous, monster based on this creature was Lord Drillion 24 years later.
  • Parts of Hate Master's costume was later used for different background monsters in "Fire in Your Tank". His "hair" was copied and combined with the recolored and altered body of Pirantishead while his body was combined with the head of Karakasa (unused in Season Three).

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