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Harwood County[1] is the hometown of the Mega Rangers and from where they fought against the forces of Warstar and affiliated monsters. The name was shown in episode 3, Going Viral

Being the home of the Mega Rangers, Harwood County was the centre of the Armada's attack on Earth, much like how Angel Grove was for monster attacks during the Mighty Morphin to Turbo eras. The city was attacked and heavily damaged by the Armada's fleet as an invasion force of XBorgs and Bruisers landed. However, they were soon faced by the Mega Rangers who assumed Super Mega Mode to oppose them, successfully repelling the initial attack and destroying two commanders. The civilian populace were also united in pulling through and helping each other out in the midst of the crisis, which was cited by school teacher Mr. Burley as clear proof that the human spirit would always prevail in the face of great adversity. Super Megaforce (episode)

Filming for the establishing shots took place in Auckland, New Zealand.




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