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Harukaze Katou (加藤 春風 Katō Harukaze) is Yakumo's mother and Tsumuji's sister, who is a worldwide fashion designer. Despite being the daughter of the Last Ninja, she has no interest in her father's legacy and thus did not train to become a ninja.

Due to his time spent in England, Yakumo has a habit of referring to his mother as Mummy (マミー Mamī).

Character History

Before the start of the series, she had put Yakumo into a magic school in England due to how "in" magic was, having considered the ninja lifestyle "out-of-date".

She had returned to Japan for a fashion showcasing, with a brooch that was to believed to be the End Shuriken, which she had gotten from her father's place possibly before the attack on the old Ninjutsu dojo, making her the target of the Kibaoni forces lead by Youkai Ittan-momen, and was briefly held captive by the Youkai until Kasumi's undercover work as a Jukkarage helped freed the staff.

After all was said and done, Harukaze had newfound respect for the ninja life and of Yakumo's choice in being a ninja.


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Behind the scenes


Harukaze Katou was portrayed by Yuko Ito (伊藤 裕子 Itō Yūko).


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