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""Burning is sealed.""
―Happouzu's first words when Akumaro Sujigarano told him that the forbidden power or the Shinkengers was in the countryside around them and they he wanted it.[src]
―Happouzu realising that thehnhad tamed the Ushi Origami and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""Damn you! Now I'll have to destroy Ushi Origami with you!""
―Happouzu when he enlarged.[src]
""This is...the forbidden power!""
―Happouzu reacting to MouGyuuDaiOh charging up its finisher and his final words before his death.[src]

Happouzu (ハッポウズ, Happōzu, 32-33): Happouzu is an Ayakashi armed with the Shinen Ryōhotō (深淵稜堡刀, Abyss Bastion Sword) who can shoot fireballs from his body. Serving under Akumaro, he is sent to acquire the Ushi Origami by any means. When he fails, Happouzu decides to destroy the Origami instead but is destroyed by Super ShinkenRed and flung out of the Ushi Origami to his death. He then grows but is easily overpowered and ultimately destroyed by MouGyuuDaiOh's Bull Great Revolving Cannon. His design is based on the Raijū (雷獣) of Japanese myth.


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