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Hannah is a love interest for Kai Chen.

Character History

Hannah is a rollerskater of some skill, as she demonstrates in her first meeting with Kai when he was babysitting Jodie Stanton. She presumably met Jodie at some point, as they greet each other at the rink. She notices Kai a bit later, when he follows her around the rink and loses his balance. Hannah helps him up, assuring him that he'll get the hang of it before she skates off again. When he accidentally front-flips over a low wall she skates over to make sure he's okay. He asks her to look after Jodie, as he has something to take care of, and Hannah agrees, no questions asked. She and Jodie skate until he returns, and she and Kai say goodbye.

Conveniently enough, Hannah turns up the next day, reading at an outdoor table. She spots Kai while he's trying to recover from a mustard accident and laughs, beckoning him over. She's embarrassed to admit that she's reading a romance novel, and turns the conversation back to Kai. Unfortunately they're interrupted by Quakemaker's attack, which causes tremors in the dome. Hannah narrowly avoids getting crushed by a falling lamp post.

As Kai leads Hannah to safety, she spots a parked car and stops, recognizing the unconscious man inside. She quickly identifies him as Johnny, and tries to go rescue him, but Kai stops her because an electrical tower is about to fall there. She protests, saying that the wedding is tomorrow and that Johnny was only there because he'd gone to pick up her dress. Kai tells her to stay put and goes to save Johnny (and the dress) himself. Hannah watches fearfully, shouting warnings as the tower falls and the car explodes, but both men are safe. Relieved, she hugs Johnny, then accepts the dressbox from Kai with a quiet "thank you." She watches him run off.

At least two days later, she uses Jodie to send a gift and a note to Kai, telling him about her sister and Johnny's wedding, where she acted as a bridesmaid. The gift contains a piece of the cake. The Blue Crush

Like with the others, she presumably escaped to Minori during Terra Venture's destruction.



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