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Character History

GSD-Haniwa Ventriloquist puppet

Haniwa Ventriloquist puppet

Haniwa Ventriloquist (ハニワ腹話術師 Haniwa Fukuwajutsushi, 16): One of the hardest Gorma to kill, as the "ones" the Dairangers killed were actually puppets controlled by the real Haniwa Ventriloquist, who was finally killed by Dairen'oh.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes


Haniwa Ventriloquest in the opening for episode 16.

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Signalman's class.

  • Haniwa Ventriloquist is the only Gorma Minion to get a special scene in the Dairanger opening where it rides a bicycle like the Dairangers themselves (with the puppet body doing the driving and the small real body in a basket.)
  • Haniwa Ventriloquist's head was re-used as an alien classmate of the young Signalman in Gekisou Sentai Carranger Ep. 22: The Tragic Traffic Rule Habit.

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