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Haniwacanth (ハニワカンス Haniwakansu, 18) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Farah and Meltzer


A Mecha-Gigan built from a super-strong alloy that can deflect the attacks of the Super Maser with ease as well as the claymore-like Great Iron Sword for combat. When Bioman figures the means to defeat it, it reveals its secret electric laser emitter hidden beneath its face.


Haniwa Canth was a Mecha-Gigan hidden away in a small town, unknown to anyone except a girl with strange psychic powers gained due to gaining possession of a stone from the remnants of planet Levy. After convincing Shingo of the Mecha-Gigan's existence, Bioman comes to aid the town and exposes Haniwa Canth, but has a hard time dealing with the Mecha-Gigan initially until she uses her "Levy Power" to disable the giant, allowing Bioman to escape.

After fighting again after defeating Farah and Meltzer (who end up taking away her Levy Stone), the team has an easier time at first with Haniwa Canth. But when preparing to use Straight Flash to finish it off, it reveals its secret weapon: a laser cannon within its face! Changing its strategy, Bio Robo instead uses Super Maser's Comet Cutter to disable the cannon and defeat the Mecha-Gigan.


Haniwa Canth

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