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Hammercanth (ハンマーカンス Hanmākansu, 12) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Mason and Aquaiger


Its main weapon is a huge spiked ball, hooked to its head which controls its movements and can be used to retract the rest of the body; it also uses a hole during an initial period to blow up explosive balloons released into the atmosphere to attack the nearby city. Other weapons include five machine guns on each shoulder and a battering ram for its neck.


Head separating from the Mecha-Gigan's body

Hammer Canth was used within a special factory set up by Mason to create balloons that blow into the air and attack buildings at random. When Bioman investigates, it leads to a scenario where Shingo is accused of murdering a boy's father when in reality it was a Mecha-Human disguised as his father, meant to lower his guard. After he gets over this and destroys the factory, Hammer Canth goes into battle on its own. Bioman attacks the head where the ball the Mecha-Gigan uses is attached to reduce its power before using Super Maser's Chainsaw Cutter to destroy it.

Powers and Abilities


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