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"I shall graciously accept and perform the duty of....Overseeing the ritual for the advent of the Great Witch."
―Halleluyan's first words[src]
"Your touching family moment ends here! Now for the final push!"
―Halleluyan's first words enlarging himself[src]

Ceremonal Psyma Beast Halleluyan (司祭サイマ獣ハレルヤン, Shisai Saimajū Hareruyan) is a Psyma Beast under Dark King Zylpheeza

Character History

Halleluyan was summoned by Pierre upon the knowledge of his abilities in order to draw forth Minus Energy and assist on the day of the Grand Cross in bringing Grandiene to Earth. Creating a massive symbol of chaos within a building in Capital City, he uses his magic to create a beacon of Minus Energy that connects with the great witch and allows for her to approach and arrive on the planet. When Mondo discovers the Minus Energy concentration, he tracks it down but becomes captured by the Psyma during the ceremony, forcing GoGoFive to rescue their father. As Grandiene approaches Earth, Halleluyan uses another spell to make himself grow, distracting GoGoFive and making them summon their vehicles to fight against it, yet even Max Victory Robo ends up having a hard time facing down the massive power of the Psyma Beast. Ultimtaely, Mondo discovers the symbol as the key that both empowered Halleluyan and drew Grandiene to Earth. Destroying the symbol at the cost of a massive cave-in that buries him in rubble, Halleluyan is weakened enough to finally be taken out by Max Nova.


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His main ability is his knowledge of Psyma magic and spells, most notably the ceremony used to summon massive amounts of Minus Energy to Earth in the form of Grandiene. His power is tied to a special symbol he uses to draw Minus Energy that he must keep active in order to use his full power. He was also able to grow under his own power instead of needing Pierre's cards.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His name comes from the word "hallelujah".

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