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Haley is a girl who befriends with Mike when he is on a mission to free all the slaves who have been captured by captain mutiny. Together they arrive with a plan and free all the slaves.

Character History

Haley met Mike, when he was chained to her in the slave camp where she was brought with her sick grandfather Benjamin. Mike saved her grandfather by putting his gems in her grandfather's bucket. Barbarax gets furious and throws Mike on the ground. Haley tells him that she will ensure that Mike works. Haley and Mike make a plan to free all the slaves. The rangers arrive with the Astro Megaship. All the civilians board it but Benjamin is left behind. Mike and Haley go after him. Haley frees her grandfather while Mike duels with Mutiny. The Astro Megaship takes off with Haley and her grandfather. Captain Mutiny tries to shoot the Megaship but Mike stops him. Mike gets injured. The portal starts closing but suddenly Torrozord arrives and holds the portal open. Everyone escapes. The zord gets destroyed and nearly kills Mike. When Mike regains consciousness Haley is seen sitting besides him. She thanks him and says that she feels free and so do all thanks to him and apologized that it costed him his powers.

Althrough she is not seen after this, it can be assumed that she and her grandfather lived in Terra Venture and were among the civilians who where evacuated to Mirinoi when the colony was destroyed by Trakeena.


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Behind the Scenes

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