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Lord Yoshiteru, also known as Hakumenrou (白面郎 Hakumenrō, White Masked Man) 30-53 is a mysterious amored man who turns out to be Tsuruhime's father.

Character History

Hakumenrou resurfaced with Daimaou during Daimou's eventual coming in the human world, leaving his daughter at a young age in an attempt to stop it from happening. However, he failed and offered his servitude to Daimaou in return for the lives of his companions.

However, Hakumenrou used his servitude as a ruse to side with the Youkai in order to find Daimaou's weakness. Upon arriving to oversee the final steps of Daimaou's arrival, Hakumenrou is forced to fight his own daughter to keep face. It was by the Daradara incident where he helped the Kakurangers by supplying them with the weakness of Daradara that Daimaou learned the true intent of Hakumenrou and turned him to stone for his betrayal. Hakumenrou was the one who told the Kakurangers how to defeat Daradara.

Yama-uba tried to use Hakumenrou as her trump card, by making him part mobile and part stone. Though he could move again, he lost his free will, being sent to fight his daughter and the other Kakurangers. He was restored completely by the series's end and reunited with his daughter.

Video Game Appearances

Super Sentai Battle Base

Hakamenrou is among the vast pantheon of allies which are available in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base


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Behind the Scenes


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