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Hades Wise Goddess Sphinx (冥賢神スフィンクス Meifukenshin Sufinkusu, 35-47 & 49) is the wisest of the Gods, she makes sure the other gods follow the Dark Precepts and serves as the observer of their activities. Armed with the Lionic Blade gauntlet/bazooka, she encountered Hikaru after unintentionally saving him from Hades God Drake and asked his reason for protecting a world that is not his home, amusing at his answer while warning him not to interfere. Eventually, Sphinx begins to notice Hades God Dagon's disregard for their rules and those sent to carry out Divine Punishment being easily killed by the Magirangers, whom she help only to make things fair and whose actions and passion amaze her to no end. When Hades God Titan is chosen as Absolute God N Ma's vessel and refuses to lay down his life, Sphinx abducts Kai Ozu, Tsubasa Ozu, Urara Ozu, and Hikaru into her Marudeyouna world, "Sage's Night", in order to understand how they get their power to defeat the Hades Gods in return for sending them to Titan's location, further amazed to hear their answer to be courage.

Upon N Ma's ressurection, Sphinx argues with Dagon and Hades God Sleipnir that they should spare the Surface World as it may be worth learning, though N Ma commands her carry out Divine Punishment in order to convince her that the Surface World and its inhabitants were of no worth. But though she was able to overpower the Magirangers single-handedly and tells them that N Ma can't be defied, Urara's words convince her to cancel her Divine Punishment, fleeing to Sage's Night. She was then confronted and is attacked by Sleipnir and Dagon on N Ma's orders for abandoning her sacred duty. She is struck down easily by Dagon. However, Sphinx soon returns thanks to Phantom Spy Vancuria using her resurrection power on her, saving Miyuki Ozu from Dagon while being forced to kill him. She later joins in the fight against N Ma, ordering Vancuria to resurrect Isamu, Hikaru, and Smoky the Magical Cat. After N Ma's defeat, Sphinx became the new leader of the Underground Hades Empire Infershia, setting up an alliance between her kind and Magitopia as she begins overseeing the rebuilding of the Kedomono Realm after it was wrecked by N Ma's power.



concept art

  • Height: 52 m (231 cm: mini)
  • Weight: 23.8 t (106 kg: mini)


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