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MF Gekkor
""It can't be! It don't... believe it...""
―Hades Warrior God Wyvern's final words before his death.[src]

Hades Warrior God Wyvern (冥府神ワイバーン, Meifubushin Waibān) was the fastest of the gods, and in Hades God Dagon's opinion, the most talkative of the gods, as well. Arrogant, Wyvern wields a spear that can could send powerful energy spheres from his staff.

He stopped Hades God Cyclops from killing Phantom Spy Vancuria, and he talked with Nai & Mea regularly, introduced them to each member of the Hades Gods, and treated them the kindest out of the Hades Gods.

Vancuria developed a bit of a crush on him before long, and it seemed like the feeling was mutual. However, after being seriously injured by Dark Magic Knight Wolzard, Wvyern suddenly turned bitter from being easily defeated by a weaker opponent, lashing at the Nightmare Sisters when they tried to come to his aid or comfort him. During the fight against Houka Ozu and Makito Ozu, he knocked Makito's DialRod out of his hand, then tried to kill him with a hailstorm of energy, but Hades God Titan intervened and took the blow himself. After making amends with Titan once they escaped from Wyvern (who was unaware that he was being spied on by Vancuria, who informed Dagon via fish-scale hand radio about their escape), Makito and Houka posing as Titan lured the flying Wyvern out of the forest and into the quarry. Infurated, Wyvern proceeds to attack without mercy as two then backed up by Kai Ozu, Tsubasa Ozu, Urara Ozu, and Hikaru. He forced all six Magirangers out of their armor with a powerful attack before using an even stronger one to try to destroy them, but Isamu showed up and absorbed the flame. Rather than go after Titan, Wyvern attempts to get revenge at Isamu, who had by now transformed into Wolzard Fire and killed Wyvern with the Raging Storm Slash after an incredibly short standoff.



concept art

  • Height: 50.5 m (224 cm: mini)
  • Weight: 23 t (102 kg: mini)


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