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""How dare you do this to a God! I will punish you!""
―Hades Warrior God Toad's final words before his death.[src]

Hades Warrior God Toad (冥府神トード Meifubushin Tōdo, 35-44) was the most gluttonous of the Gods, also the most hypersensitive. Toad carries a hammer that also serves as a trumpet, which he demonstrated on Phantom Spy Vancuria when they first met. He occasionally ate High Zobils from a bowl. He could shoot various poisons from his warts, such as a poison that switched bodies and a poison that acts as a "bone-melting" acid and could shoot large, explosive globs of a tar-like slime from his mouth. He could summon "Hades Frog" eggs in huge clouds all over the world, and had doppelgangers of the Magirangers in his game of chance. His hammer/trumpet had several different functions, such as playing destructive musical sound waves, conjure forth mounds of Hades frogs and could expel blue fire. Toad was also a collector of souls, unintentionally capturing Miyuki Ozu during his post-awakening visit to the Flower Garden of Souls and taking his "Rare-tan" into the Briar Garden within the depths of the Kedomono Realm with his dark aura hiding her.

Character History

MF Hekatoid
When Hades Goddess Gorgon forced him to go to the surface to deal with the Magirangers, Toad fought Kai Ozu and Houka Ozu and ended up accidentally switching their bodies by squeezing the wrong wart. Toad goes into battle with MagiLegend and Magical IronMan Travelion but flees back to Hades as selection was taking place, though his actions on Kai and Houka gave Gorgon an advantage until Hades Goddess Sphinx learns of this action. After Hades God Drake's death, Toad was chosen to carry out the Hades Gods' wrath. In carrying out his Divine Punishment, Toad conjured forth huge clouds of Hades Frog Eggs in the sky, so that when they matured, they would rain down upon the earth in a Plague of Frogs, covering everything. Urara Ozu especially couldn't stand him because of him being a frog, or, toad, to which he took offense to and brought to his domain. After they cheated in a game of his making, Toad fought against the Magirangers when they attempted to take Miyuki back. When the siblings came close to getting her, Toad used one of his tar-slime globs to destroy the brier container she was in and seemingly destroyed her as well, but the spell Dark Magic Knight Wolzard cast on her there was in effect as the Ozu siblings restore their mother to normal as she freezes the Hades Frogs before Toad met his end at the hands of the Legend MagiRangers & MagiMother when they combined thier powers for the Legend Family Finish.


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  • Height: 53.6 m (238 cm: mini)
  • Weight: 36.7 t (163 kg: mini)

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