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"How dare you! How dare you make a God suffer! You will pay for this sin with your lives!"
―Cyclops when he enlarged once last time.[src]

"Well done... You cleared my game!"
―Hades Warrior God Cyclops' final words before his death.[src]

Hades Warrior God Cyclops (冥府神サイクロプス Meifubushin Saikuropusu, 35-38) was one of the Gods.



Hades Warrior God Cyclops was a robot-like cycloptic marksman who wielded a sniper rifle with a bayonet which allows him to cause anything he shot to disappear in a cloud of red energy. He is also one of the most calm and composed, even when angered he quickly calms himself down, when this happens his infrared eye blinks and he strokes his chin to calm himself. He would have shot and killed Phantom Spy Vancuria if Hades God Wyvern hadn't have stopped him from doing so.

The second to challenge the Magirangers. He got infuriated when his attacks failed, but he recomposed himself to think of a strategic plan of going after the siblings in a game of cat and mouse where they had to evade his shooting until sunset or disappear upon getting shot. He managed to take out Makito Ozu, Houka Ozu, and Urara Ozu by hiding in the mirror world and shooting through anything with a reflective surface.

However, Tsubasa Ozu wises up to the scheme and manages to sneak into Cyclops' dimension to defeat him with his DialRod Bow Gun and save his siblings. Cyclops was then killed by MagiLegend with assistance from Magical IronMan Travelion as he praises the Magirangers for clearing his game. Upon his demise, Hades God Sleipnir eased his unnerved comrades by commenting to them on how Cyclops was a fool for having underestimated the Magirangers.

199 Hero Great Battle

Cyclops is revived and summoned as a member of the Black Cross Army only to be destroyed by Dekaranger Robo, Live Robo, and Turbo Robo.

Super Hero Taisen

Cyclops is revived as a member of the Shocker Zangyack Alliance, who eventually fought the army of Kamen Riders and Super Sentai. Along with Nurikabe, Kasha, a Makamou, Hades God Sleipnir, and Hades God Drake, he is defeated by the Magirangers and Kamen Rider HibikiIcon-crosswiki.png.


Cyclops is a calm individual who even when tempered instantly gets over his frustrations.

Powers and Abilities


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  • One-Eyed Rifle (一つ目のライフル銃 Hitotsume no Raifuru-juu): Cyclops' main weapon is a large sniper rifle with a bayonet that uses different ammunition with different effects, such as a red energy laser that can vaporize a person or anything on contact in a cloud of red energy. Also used for combat and launching powerful energy lasers from the side of the bayonet.

Behind the Scenes



  • Cyclops is designed after the mythological cyclops and also designed as a cyborg.

Concept Art


Hades Warrior God Cyclops is named after the cyclops, a one-eyed giant from Ancient Greek mythology.


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