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"I-Impossible! I will never be defeated!"
―Hades Ultimate God Drake's final words before his death.[src]

Hades Ultimate God Drake (冥極神ドレイク Meifuyokushin Doreiku, 35-42) was the most violent and hot-blooded of the Gods, he represents Infershia's Shield.

Character History


However, Drake has no loyalty towards Absolute God N Ma or any respect towards the ritual of the Slab of Judgement. Drake's only desire was to go on a rampage and destroy everything on the surface as he demonstrated by destroying buildings when the Gods revealed themselves.

While Hades God Cyclops began his Divine Punishment, after an attempt to go in place of Cyclops, Drake learns from Hades Goddess Gorgon where Hikaru was training and went to him so he could "play". Drake was able to withstand Magical IronMan Travelion's attack to Hikaru and Smoky the Magical Cat's surprise, and overpowered Hikaru before Hades Goddess Sphinx drove him away.

While Gorgon carried out her Divine Punishment, Drake commented that he thought that she was his ideal woman and took it hard when she was killed, taking out his rage on the other Gods before Sphinx chides him for his petty temper, resulting with a fight between him and Hades God Wyvern until selection was made for Divine Punishment, choosing Drake.

Once on the surface, Drake assumes a more dragon-like form to render the city into a wasteland upon his dragonfire. However, though hindered by Snowgel, Drake was defeated when Hikaru discovered the god's weakness being the back of his armor that isn't covered, defeating Drake in a truly stunning confrontation. In his last stand, Drake battled alongside Hades God Sleipnir (who, at the time, was being used by Hades God Dagon to lure out Dark Magic Knight Wolzard). He was weakened by MagiLegend's ScrewCalibur and was incinerated by Travelion's Destruction Fire.

Super Hero Taisen

Drake is later revived as a member of the Shocker Zangyack Alliance, who eventually fought the army of Kamen Riders and Super Sentai. Along with Nurikabe, Kasha, a Makamou, Hades God Cyclops, and Hades God Sleipnir, he is defeated by the Magirangers and Kamen Rider Hibiki.


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Powers and Abilities


Drake is armed with a sword that can shoot streams of lightning and possesses the strongest Infershia armor that protects him from any blow.



  • Height: 59.2 m (263 cm: mini)
  • Weight: 27.5 t (122 kg: mini)

Behind the Scenes

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Drake is based on a dragon. His name "Drake" is a synonym for dragon.


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