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The Forbidden Hades Fungal Beast Mold (冥菌獣モールド Meikinjū Mōrudo, 32) was a softball-sized green orb created by Meemy using forbidden magic. It released deadly green mold spores that would infect a host and would kill them when it opens its single eye by absorbing its blood.

Character History

According to Hikaru, Mold was a murderous fungus that grew in the depths of Infershia and when there was nothing left for it to feed on it would then feed on its fellow mold. The only way to save a victim from being devoured by Mold was to kill it before it opened its eye. Meemy first demonstrated its power on the High Zobil, causing them to fall from their perches and being encrusted with the life-draining mold. Vancuria carried Mold around. Makito became one its many victims. However, it was due to the Legend MagiRangers that everyone was freed of Mold's infection as it was killed. However, Meemy summoned a powered up red High Mold (ハイモールド Hai Mōrudo) that infected MagiLegend (and the Legend Magirangers inside), but thanks to Wolzard it was destroyed. It was later revealed that it was because of Wolzard coming into contact with the High Mold, it acted as a catalyst for Wolzard/Blagel to regain his memories.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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  • Hades Fungal Beast Mold is one of the few Hades Beast not to have a counterpart as this might be due to it powers are either being very horrifying or controversial to show on an American children's program however his episode was adapted for Koragg's Trial.
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