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"Did you call for a shadow?"
―Hades Beastman Kirikage the Ninja's first words[src]
"Kirikage is here. I will be taking your Express Ticket."
―Hades Beastman Kirikage's first words to Magirangers[src]

Kirikage the Ninja is a Hades Beastman from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

Character History

Ninja Kirikage (ニンジャキリカゲ, Meijūjin Ninja Kirikage, 22) was a master of the art of invisibility and Ninpou. He wielded two katanas and used ninja Zobils and a giant fire-breathing frog "Ninpou giant comrade". He kidnapped Houka Ozu and brought her to his palace, where he used a device to keep the Rangers from using their magic, until Houka destroyed the device. Could make himself grow giant (by saying "Ninpou! Big Body!"). He was killed by Travelion.

When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Kirikage was listed as "Hidden from the people, hidden from the world, the shadow Hades Beastman Shadow Ninja Kirikage".


Kirikage is a very deceptive being.

Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • Strangely even though Kirikage's actor was a former Kakuranger, his entry in the Infershia Book of Prophecy was the "introductory speech" of another ninja team: the Hurricanegers
  • His motif is based off of a ninja.
  • Kirikage is second being of Infershia that has his own growing method: he did not require a spell from Wolzard/Nai & Mea, he was not already a giant (like Hades Beast Blob and Worm) or a member of the Infershia Pantheon (who could switch sizes at will); the first was Hades Beast Leech .
  • Kirikage the Ninja is the first Hades Beastmen not to be adapted.
    • The reason he went unused in Power Rangers Mystic Force because much of the footage was all around Kyoto and it didn't suit the story.


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