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"Apologize when you bump a person's shoulder."
―Hades Beastman King of Hell Samurai Shichijuurou's first words[src]
"I lost to such a worthless thing?!"
―Hades Beastman King of Hell Samurai Shichijuurou's final words before his death[src]

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Character History


Shichijuurou's true form, a living spirit within a sword.

Samurai Shichijuurou (サムライシチジューロー, Samurai Shichijūrō, 27): Though the weakest of the four, Shichijuurou's blade has the ability to turn the best of friends and family members into hated enemies and constantly drinks sake from his gourd claiming it was the source of his powers. His sword seems to have dials that allow him to amplify the strength of his slashes. He used his power on the Ozu siblings, severing their familial bonds, but Makito's passion for his younger brothers and sisters eventually broke the curse. Shichijuurou's body was destroyed by MagiTaurus, but the spirit of his sword (his "true form," he claims) possessed Makito until Hikaru destroyed it. When he was defeated, Bulrates' collected his powers and spirit in his BullStick and later transferred them to Zee.

When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Shichijuurou was listed as "The cursed, blood blade, Samurai Shichijuurou".


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