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Kobold Bullrates (コボルトブルラテス Koboruto Bururatesu, 27-31) is the 2nd most powerful of the four, possessing a bubble blower-like staff ("BullStick") that absorbed the spirits of Shichijurou and Neries.

Character History

Bullrates was apparently over 300 years old. Bullrates could also create bubbles and boulders with the staff. Also it was revealed that when Shichijuurou offered him some of his sake, he refused, saying he didn't trust people who drank sake. He caused Houka to keep losing her memory of the previous year after every thirty minutes after she saw Bullrates and Zee creating their Evil Ice. Bullrates also endowed Zee with the powers of the other Kings. Bullrates' staff was broken by a powered up the MagiKing slash, but Meemy restored it, as well as imbuing Bullrates with power and youth. Even though he was empowered, he was easily defeated and killed by Legend Magirangers. Meemy managed to transport Bullrates's soul to a Marudeyouna world that held Hades Machine Golem as part of a forbidden ritual. Meemy revealed that the ritual needed an ancient soul that was at least 300 years old to resurrect the Golem from its rest and thus used Bullrates' soul to do just that. Unfortunately for Bullrates, it was destroyed later by MagiLegend.

When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Bullrates was listed as "The sage of hell, Bullrates of the Kobold".


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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  • Kobold Bullrates is voiced by the late Takeshi Aono in his only Super Sentai role.


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