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"Where is this? Me, revived!?"
―Gremlin Garim's first words[src]

Gremlin Garim (グレムリンガリム Guremurin Garimu, 20) is the first of the Hades Beastmen to be revived by Memmy.

Character History

Being of the Gremlin Beastmen who love making mischief, Garmin befriended Nai and Mea in the past and occasionally spoke French. Garimin is sent to the surface with a madou item, the Calamity Loving Pen to cause chaos while aiding in N Ma's resurrection by using the extracted fear from his victims as ink for his pen that he used to make a giant Madou Circle (similar to Dark Magic Knight Wolzard's Madou Symbols) to sacrifice every human within it. He used a large red mallet, Hell Hammer and had a scissor-like gauntlet. He could also remove his hand to play pranks and his arms functioned like a pair of stretchy accordions, could expel blue electricity from his mouth and could disappear and reappear from the ground at will. He was killed by Hikaru. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Garim was listed as "The Mischievous Artist, Gremlin Garim".


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Powers and Abilities


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  • height: 205 m
  • weight: 89 t

Behind the Scenes


concept art



Hades Beastman Garim the Gremlin is based on a court jester and as the name implies, a Gremlin.


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