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Character History

Fungus (ファンガス, Fangasu, 7): A mushroom-based monster who can shoot spore gases from its body at its victims. Those affected will suffer effects starting with a slowdown of their movement leading to a lingering death, whereupon they crumble into a pile of dust. Killed by the MagiMajin.

When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Fungus was listed as "Fungus, who laughs within the fog".


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Modus and Arsenal

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concept art

  • Hades Beast Fungus is the first Hades Beast not to have a counterpart. The other two are Hades Beast Manticore and Hades Beast Spectre.
    • The reason for being unadapted for Power Rangers Mystic Force was having to do with footage involving the monster to use slow motion to slow down their movement and death and it would have been considered very horrifying and controversial for American audiences.


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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is based off of a mushroom.


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