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Character History

Blob (ブロブ Burobu, 2, 16): A giant Hades Beast with a need to feed constantly who devours Kai Ozu, Makito Ozu, and Urara Ozu, only to sneeze them out thanks to Houka Ozu before the Blob was killed by the MagiMajin. In Stage 17, Victory General Branken was infuriated with the Nightmare sisters at failing to kill the Lunagel and attempted to feed them to a Hades Beast that looked like a purple colored version of Blob until Wolzard intervened. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Blob was listed as "Blob the Glutton".

In Stage 16, Branken calls in a bizarre purple inhumanoid Blob to feed the Nightmare sisters to it as punishment for not capturing Lunagel until Wolzard appeared and drove the Hades Beast away.


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Hades Beast Blob is a large green "blob" creature. His head is a skull encased in green "goo". He wears armour.

Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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