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""He he. I feel vexed! I did it because I was vexed! I don't regret it even now.""
―Hachouchin's first words upon arriving on the Rokumon Junk having incinerated an Nanashi providing Dokoku sake and then responding to his demands to know why he did that.[src]
""Shinkenger! Trying to get in my way?!""
―Hachouchin after being forced to duck the Land Slicer and when the Shinkengers confronted him.[src]
""This vexes me""
―Hachouchin's final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""This time, I'll make you regret it!""
―Hachouchin when he enlarged.[src]
""Now I regret it!""
―Hacjouchin's final words before his death.[src]

Hachouchin (ハチョウチン, Hachōchin, 14): Hachouchin is an Ayakashi that has the features of an elephant and is capable of breathing fire. Being extremely short tempered, he actually provoked Dokoku Chimatsuri out of not being called forth before Dayuu Usukawa convinces him to turn his anger issue on the humans. When the Shinkengers attempt to fight him, they learn that only ShinkenBlue's Water Mojikara can wound him (since he was immune to fire and wind just made him stronger with earth and nature being useless against his fire based attacks). He was first destroyed by the Kajiki Five Rings Bullet which Ryunosuke and Richard Brown wielded together. He then gained his second life but was then destroyed by Tenkuu ShinkenOh with it's Tenkuu Bamboo Slash. His lantern-like appearance and powers are the basis of the Chōchinobake (提灯お化け) of Japanese myth.

This monster's most powerful attack is an unnamed move where he turns into a giant fireball and slams into his enemies with enough force to take down and demorph all five Shinkengets and ShinkenBrown with a single hit.



concept art

  • He is one of the few Ayakashi that were not adapted into Nighloks. The others were Nakinakite, Sasamatage, Chinomanako, Urawadachi, Kugutsukai, and Madakodama.
    • This was probably because of the large amount of his footage involving ShinkenBrown and also probably because of his constant use of flame in the episodes which the censors would not like due to the implication of them being burned alive..
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