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"You got it! Let's start up the Bykergang Festival! Sol system, Earth edition! March!"
―HH Wasshoishoi's first words after Gynamo told him to start the parade.[src]
"If it's come to this, I'll just become a giant!"
―HH Wasshoishoi's before enlarging.[src]
―Wasshoishoi's final word before exploding.[src]

HH Wasshoishoi (ホイホイワッショイショイ HoiHoi Wasshoishoi, 28)


Bowzock's best festival coordinator. He had Zelmoda kidnap Ichitarou Tenma for the Bowzock Festival, using a conductor for the "evil-power lightning" so they could suck the evil (& life) out of the boy. However, due to a miscalculation, it was Ritchihiker who was hit by the lightning, which transformed him and gave him more power. After being defeated by Signalman, Wasshoishoi ate Imo-youkan but was quickly killed by Sirender's Siren Vulcan.


As a festival coordinator, Wasshoishoi takes the Bowzock Festival very seriously, being perfectly willing to sacrifice Ichitarou to complete the ceremony and kill anyone who got in his way.

Modus and Arsenal

He is the best festival coordinator on Baribarian. Wasshoishoi held the yearly Bowzock Festival, doing a special ritual to gather cosmic evil inside a special palanquin sacrifice. The evil energy would then ferment into a refreshing energy drink that the Bowzock would take to relieve physical and mental stress. If done wrong, evil lightning summoned by the Festival could transform the user, making them more evil and powerful. Despite just being a festival coordinator, Wasshoishoi was a skilled fighter, knowing martial arts, firing lasers and trapping the rangers' robo in cotton candy.  



concept art


  • HH Wasshoishoi was voiced by late Eken Mine in his only Sentai role; he is most notable as portraying Bat ManIcon-crosswiki, the second-ever Kaijin in the original Kamen RiderIcon-crosswiki series; among many other KR kaijin.

Behind the Scenes

  • His name is based on the Wasshoi (わっしょい), a cry uttered by the participants in Matsuri (Japanese Festivals) during the shouldering of a Mikoshi (portable shrines).
  • The possible reason for him being unused in Power Rangers Turbo had to do with the monster themed after a Mikoshi and much of his footage was too Japanese for American audiences.
  • His motif is based off a Mikoshi and a festival coordinator.


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