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"That's not Fair!!"
―Final words before death

HH Deo (ヒューヒューデーオ HyūHyū Dēo, 19)

Character History

Bowzock's best pitcher. He resembled a baseball. Red Racer was eventually able to hit one of his pitches, a curve ball, after some training. He could throw baseball shaped lasers in battle, yet he was only able to do this after being empowered by a kiss from Zonnette. Destroyed by RV Robo.


Deo is very confident in himself which showed by referring himself as Bowzock Gang's Shining Star.

Modus and Arsenal

  • HH is Bowzock's Best Baseball Pitcher. He can throw balls over a mile to hit a target then have the ball bounce back to his mitt. His goal was to eliminate Red Racer with an exploding ball. He also could throw a Baseball-shaped laser but only after being kissed by Beauty Zonette.



concept art


Behind the Scenes

  • HH Deo was named after Hyuuma Hoshi, the protagonist of the baseball anime Star of the Giants, as well after Japanese baseball pitcher Hideo Nomo, who became the first Japanese player to play for the US's Major League Baseball.
  • His motifs are a baseball player and a baseball.

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