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Gunman Mask

Gunman Mask.

Gunman Mask (ガンマン仮面 Ganman Kamen) is the ninth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Gunman Mask, also known as the "Sunset Gunman", was used to make a raid of multiple locations, including EAGLE trucks and banks, to collect 50 Billion Yen in order for the Black Cross to make a purchase of "Suffocation Bombs" from black market dealer "Mr. X", regardless of the money being real or counterfeit. The Gorengers try to track him using Peggy's Momo Cards, but he eventually catches on after they discover the Suffocation Bomb plot and shoots them away. Seeing the need that Gunman Mask had for the money, the Gorengers set up a trap for him: creating a special counterfeiting machine, they set it up in an EAGLE truck with the machine as well as Varitank, Akira and Peggy inside. Gunman Mask takes the bait and attacks the truck, shooting down the EAGLE guards (who all survived wearing bulletproof vests) and then taking it to a location to print out all the money, without realizing the Gorengers were making the money for him. When he goes forth to make the purchase of the Suffocation Bombs, Peggy hides as a Zolder to make sure it goes well but nearly becomes captured to be part of an army of EAGLE soldiers that the bombs were to be tested on. However before the deal is completed, the money transforms into "Gorenger money" that shows the deception to all. Before Mr. X can take back the bombs, Gunman Mask kills him and his men to try and steal it for the Black Cross. The Gorenger confront him, with Akira shooting several Ultra Blue Cherry's into his muzzle to block him from shooting. After running out of bullets, the Gorengers use Gorenger Hurricane to become a Golden Gun, which a bullet from shoots down Gunman Mask to his death. Ep. 51: The Making of Blue Counterfeit Money! The Sunset Gunman


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Modus and Arsenal

Gunman Mask uses multiple guns as his means of combat, including two revolvers in his hands, a Winchester rifle, or the massive gun on his head; his shots all hit with 100% accuracy. He likewise rides a white horse into combat.



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Behind the Scenes

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