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Gung Ho! is the twenty-sixth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, season 1. This episode introduces the Super Putty Patrollers in earnest and is their only appearance (brief cameo aside, in the next episode).

This episode is also well known as the first appearance of Titanus, the final component needed for the Ultrazord which was introduced in the following episode.


Jason and Tommy struggle with working together to compete in the Team Ninja Finals. Naturally, Rita takes advantage of the problem and sends down her new Super Putty Patrollers.


Zack and Billy are helping Jason and Tommy train for the Team Ninja Finals, but the two trainees are not very cooperative with one another. Trini tells them that they need to "gung ho", or work together. Rita Repulsa plans on sending the Super Putty Patrollers to Angel Grove.

As Tommy and Jason continue to struggle to fight in unison, Bulk and Skull show off their two trainees who have clearly mastered "gung ho".

Rita and her goons create Super Putties in the monster machine. The Super Putties surprise Kimberly and Trini at a playground. When Trini is injured, Kimberly contacts the boys for help. The Putties prove to be too strong for the six and they teleport to the Command Center. Jason and Tommy go to locate new weapons while the other four keep the Putties under control.


Tommy temporarily wielding Jason's sword

Jason and Tommy, each with one half of a map, have difficulty agreeing to

Jason temporarily wearing Tommy's shield

work in perfect harmony to find the weapons. Along the way, they're confronted by the guardian of the weapons, the braciosaurs themed Zord Titanus. The two morph and recognize that both of them are necessary in fulfilling this mission. Green Ranger transfers his shield to Red Ranger, and Red Ranger hands over his Power Sword. While Green Ranger distracts Titanus, Red Ranger gets to the box containing the weapons - five Thunder Slingers. The two return to the other four just in time. The main five destroy the Super Putties with the Thunder Slingers.

Afterwards, Zordon formally introduces the Rangers to Titanus as an ally and says that they may call on him whenever they require it's assistance.

At the competition, Tommy and Jason win after utilizing "gung ho" against Bulk and Skull's duo.



  • Goldar appears amongst the other villains in this episode but has no actual lines.
  • The regular Putty Patrollers do not make an appearance in this episode with their more powerful counterparts taking their place.
  • Zack leads the morph in this episode despite Jason and Tommy being present. The reason for this is because Jason was going after the Thunder Slingers with Tommy after them.
  • This episode is the only appearance of the Super Putties (in spite of Rita planning for them to return in the future), the final appearance of the Super Putty, and the only time Titanus attacks the Power Rangers.
  • The Thunder Slingers are never actually given a name in Power Rangers. The name originates from Zyuranger and is only used in PR by the fans to differentiate these weapons from other parts of the Mighty Morphin arsenal.
  • Footage from this episode was also used in "Day of the Dumpster" for when Finster makes the original Putties.
  • This episode marks the first time Tommy fights alongside the main five Rangers outside of a Zord battle.
  • Titanus makes his first appearance in this episode. His function in this episode was to protect the Thunder Slingers and to test Jason and Tommy's ability to work together. Zordon later confirms that it's an ally. It will be the final piece of Ultrazord.
  • This is also the first episode to feature an Enhancement Mode.
  • In the original episode, the Frankentstein Zord fight happened right after the Putty battle and made the end of the villain plot significantly less anti-climactic.
  • The Thunder Slingers are used only once in the American series, but it's used three times in the Japanese version. The whole reason they were only used once is mainly the fault of Toei. The first was in Zyuranger 29 which is adapted as this and "Life's a Masquerade", the second time in Zyuranger 31 (which became "Island of Illusion-part II") against some Putties which they couldn't use due to the Zyuranger's very clearly being in the shot, and the only other time was Zyuranger 33 which was "Peace, Love and Woe" where they replaced it with Zyuranger stock footage of the Power Blaster.
  • Tommy loans Jason his shield, sans the arm bands, during the fight with Titanus. He would end up lending him both the Dragon Dagger and his Dragon Shield on a semi-permanent basis after the episode "The Green Candle."
  • First time that two Rangers clash with each other whilst not under the influence of a spell.


  • It is never explained why Titanus attacked Tommy and Jason since, as a being implied to be a sentient ally of Zordon and not just a brainless machine like the other Zords, he'd recognize the sentient costumes of his greatest ally's forces. If this was an attempt by Zordon to teach the two to work together, this is an extremely cruel way of doing it.
  • When Jason opens the box that contains the Thunder Slingers, they clearly say Zyuranger.
  • Kimberly's and Trini's morphing sequences are out of order, as are Jason's and Tommy's.
  • The banner in the Youth Center during Tommy and Jason's training says "Team Ninja Finals" but the banner during the actual competition reads "Team Finals".
  • In Rita's palace, the viewers can see Frankenstein Monster from the episode "Life's a Masquerade" in the background.
    • This error exists because the episode borrowed from Part I of the four part Zyuranger story (which involved Mutitus), which became this episode despite "Gung Ho!" borrowing from Part II of the storyline.
  • That episode initially aired after "Life's a Masquerade", even though the latter was technically the beginning of the Super Putty Patrollers storyline.
  • Kimberly asks what the Rangers should do whilst Tommy and Jason went for the Thunder Slingers despite Alpha having said “Uh oh, the Super Putties are attacking the factory” literally two lines earlier.
  • After the Super Putties are destroyed, the cameras cut to a shot of the team holding the Thunder Slingers combined with the Blade Blasters. Just before that, the Rangers finished off the Putties with only the Thunder Slingers.
    • Also, Jason is suddenly standing with the others when in the previous shot he was still overlooking the fight with Tommy in an error that exists because it came after the Zord fight used last episode.
      • This is because, in Zyuranger, this shot came during the Dora Franke/Frankenstein's Monster fight after they destroyed his weapon with there being no such shot that exists in Zyuranger since they were immediately attacked by giant Dora Franke afterwards.
  • When Jason talked with Zordon before the competition, he said he was glad they got away from Titanus, and Zordon replied that Titanus was actually an ally. Titanus's name hadn't been mentioned before. If Zordon had told them after the battle, why was he only now telling them he was an ally?
  • Tommy is shown with a Blade Blaster holstered instead of the Dragon Dagger immediately after morphing. Additionally, the holster is white like a standard Ranger costume instead of black.

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