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Gum-Gum Bōma (ゴムゴムボーマ Gomugomu Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes created by Neo-Lagorn.

Character History

Created by Neo-Lagorn in order to remove the Wandering Boma completely while taking advantage of their desperate need for power after the Turboranger regain their power and the emergence of Kashimu, the actual Boma father of Wandering Boma Kirika. Initially possessing Yamimaru, it easily crushes the Turboranger, but Kirika tries to talk sense into him only to be swatted away until Kashimu used the power within the magic locket he possesses of his human wife to save her and turn Yamimaru back to normal. It later possesses Zulten until the Turboranger defeat it again with their Turbo Lasers until it finally possesses a Wular Soldier, where it is destroyed with the V-Turbo Bazooka, then with Turbo Rugger after it is grown.


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As a parasitic Boma Beast, its main power is to attach itself to a victim and mutate them into a monstrous form which uses a steam that explodes upon contact of its target, as well as its strength for attack.

Behind the Scenes


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