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"Eh heh heh heh heh heh! Ha ha heh ha ha! Woo hoo! Yeah!"
―The Guitardo's first words upon being created.[src]

"Hu hu hu hu ha ha ha ha! Welcome Power Rangers! So glad you could join me. Sit back, make yourselves comfortable. Hu hu! It’s showtime!"
―The Guitardo when confronted by five Power Rangers.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Green Ranger, I’m over here. You just have to follow your ears. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Green Ranger, welcome to your nightmare. Eh heh heh heh heh!Now, I'd like to play my new song for all my fans out there. It’s called ‘Green Is a Goner” and I wrote it for you!"
―The Guitardo when he confronted Tommy at the fairgrounds.[src]

"Seems like everyone’s getting into the act. But like I told you, I work solo!"
―The Guitardo after Kimberly defeated him with her Power Bow's harp music.[src]

"Wah! Wah wah! No!"
―The Guitardo after he blasted down Tommy and Kimberly and his final words before his annihilation.[src]

Guitardo was a guitar-playing cicada monster who served as the eponymous main antagonist of the episode "The Song of Guitardo."



Lord Zedd wanted a guitar monster since he had seen Kimberly practicing her song making but had to choose an insect after Goldar reminded him that he could not create monsters from inanimate objects. A cicada was subsequently chosen after Baboo started to list off insects with a cicada being the first so Zedd chose that insect as Guitardo's basis. The next day, a cicada subsequently landed on Bulk's shoulder whilst he and Skull were posing as a princess and a damsel respectively to lure out the Power Rangers. Zedd then made it into the Guitardo who was heavy enough to flatten Bulk to the ground whilst Skull just gawked at him and he got off, happy at the crushing. Bulk demanded to know what he was doing (thinking Skull was messing around) when he got the helmet off that was stuck on him. Guitardo then asked if he had a problem with the fact that he wanted to do it for kicks which prompted Bulk and Skull to freak out and flee.

Guitardo later either lost Bulk and Skull or gave up the chase willingly to get his instrument. As the Rangers watched him on the Viewing Globe, he took Kimberly's guitar and corrupted it into a disfigured evil red electric guitar. Guitardo played rock tunes and hypnotized his victims with the music, lifting them into the air and rendering them useless. Despite this oddity, the plan was to brainwash the Power Rangers into serving Zedd. Guitardo encountered the Power Rangers and tried to brainwash them with his music but they were able to concentrate their own thoughts and thus his music was useless. However, he was able to capture Zack after he asked why he should obey by hitting him with literal notes from his guitar. This subsequently made him levitate into the air. He then did the same to Trini, Billy, and Jason when they charged at him, making their concentrated thoughts useless. Only Kimberly was left and he recognized her as the songwriter of the team so started playing his music. However, she was saved in the nick of time by Tommy, who had remained at the Command Center due to his weakening powers and decided to take on the monster. He fought Guitardo but Tommy had taken a great risk by taking him on, easily being slashed to the ground by the monster's guitar although he quickly blocked it when Guitardo tried to bisect him, managing to kick him in the head and take him down. Kimberly and Tommy regrouped and demanded that he surrender but he just left for an "intermission" but told them to meet him at the Angel Grove fairgrounds.

Tommy went to the fair alone confronted Guitardo who entered by having (presumably a Putty) opened some curtains so that he could dramatically confront Tommy. Tommy managed to take Guitardo down, but Guitardo's musical mayhem prevailed when he starts releasing his tunes yet again. Tommy initially did not see him (despite the monster loudly announcing his presence) and Guitardo planned to play his new song ("Green is a Goner") to his "adoring fans." Tommy temporarily retaliated with his Dragon Dagger but was soon smacked down and Guitardo started playing his song. Tommy began to levitate like his friends but managed to temporarily hold off the music with his Dragon Dagger's flute music when he forced it close to his helmet's mouth, learning that the key to winning was to literally fight music with music. However, Guitardo switched to a different type of music which eventually overpowered Tommy's music and made him sink into the ground.

Guitardo advanced to make this his swan song but Kimberly showed up which angered the monster since she interrupted him so played his rock music. However, she countered it by strumming her Power Bow string like a harp which blasted down Guitardo and forced him to drop his guitar. She then helped Tommy out of the sinkhole only to be attacked by Guitardo who cut them down with his pincers and then blasted them down by Guitardo's eyebeams. He declared that this would be a dual finale but Tommy had the idea to combine Kimberly's Power Bow with his Dragon Dagger. After Tommy told Guitardo to "check out this tune," Kimberly fired the Dragon Dagger straight into Guitardo, delivering massive damage and causing massive sparky explosions. All Guitardo could do was cry out in pain as he spewed sparks and fell on his face before exploding. Kimberly's guitar was then returned to normal and the Rangers dropped out of the sky and onto the ground. The most likely reason that he was not turned into a giant was because his hypnotic magic would be completely useless against the non-sentient Thunder Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Song of Guitardo

Four years later, Guitardo was one of the many monsters that aided Divatox in conquering Gratha. He was presumably re-created by Finster and given to Divatox as an act of good will. Although he was not seen when the United Alliance of Evil was wiped out, Guitardo seemingly survived Zordon's Energy Wave. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Guitardo was later seen bidding on the pink Quasar Saber on Onyx. It is possible that his love of music as well as happy go lucky and playful nature made him redeemable enough for Zordon's ultimate move to spare him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Protect the Quasar Saber


Guitardo was a mischievous and violent but also playful individual with great feeling of happiness and joy. He enjoyed playing music and was shown to be faithful to Zedd. He was a massive egotist who seemed to believe himself to be the next Freddy Mercury with both being chauvinists with a flare for the overly dramatic to the point that he had curtains open to reveal himself in the final stage of his battle. Above all else however, he was absolutely loyal to Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Guitardo could teleport to any location at will by crossing his pincers and having white lightning strike him.
  • Object Transformation: Guitardo was able to transform Kimberly's guitar into his own corrupted electric guitar.
    • Type Manipulation: Guitardo's corruption of the guitar also changed it from a wooden western style guitar into a punk rock guitar.
  • Eye Blasts: Guitardo could fire yellow lasers from his eyes that were powerful enough to take down Tommy and Kimberly.


  • Strength: Guitardo was able to overwhelm Tommy and Kimberly very easily in a two on one battle. Even without his guitar, single slashes from his claws took down them down.
  • Durability: The only way to destroy Guitardo was by firing the Dragon Dagger into him using the Power Bow.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Although he preferred using his guitar as opposed to actually fighting, Guitardo was a skilled enough combatant to overpower Tommy and Kimberly easily.


  • Music: Despite music being Guitardo's primary weapon, it is also his sole weakness. No matter the instrument, any form of music can cancel out his abilities.


  • Guitar: Guitardo, like his name suggests, had a large evil red looking guitar that is presumed to have been created from Kimberly's guitar.
    • Levitation: When strung, Guitardo could make his guitar fire yellow energy beams that can make Rangers and victims float into the air. They remained that way until he is destroyed and were unaffected by the destruction of his guitar. This would remain intact until he was destroyed.
      • Gravity Manipulation: By firing green energy notes from his guitar, Guitardo could increase a Ranger's gravity, as shown by how he increases Tommy's gravity to the point of him sinking into the ground.
  • Cicada Pincers: Even without his guitar, Guitardo had large and very sharp pincers like a cicada to slash and strike at his enemies.

Behind the Scenes


  • Guitardo was voiced by producer Tony Oliver who gave him a voice with the inflections of a Jazz singer despite the monster being based on a punk rocker.
    • A possible explanation suggested by some was that writers Shell Danielson and Shuki Levy originally intended him to be a jazz musician and had Oliver record his lines. It is then possible that they either did not have to or did not want to have Oliver re-record his lines.


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  • Guitardo comes from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger. He was the penultimate Zyu2 monster to appear.
  • The nature of Guitardo's name is questionable. Both Lord Zedd and Zordon refer to him as "the Guitardo monster", but the Rangers refer to him as Guitardo as well as the episode title.