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Guillotine Lizard (ギロチントカゲ Girochintokage, 35) is a Mechaevolutoin Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combining attributes of scissors and a frilled lizard

Character History

Guillotine Lizard is created through the fusion of a lizard and a pair of scissors by General Kar and pursues the Dynaman as they try to reach a Professor Akashi to discover the secrets of Denrite, a powerful mineral that he researched claiming it was a weakness to the Jashinka. However when it attacks the professor and its daughter and Super Dynamite continues to be ineffective against the Mechavolution creature, it ends up being stopped by Gon, a super-strong human who worked with Akashi and his daughter as their bodyguard. In actuality, Gon was a robot, built with a Denrite heart to protect them and who had emotions and care to love those whom built him. After the initial tactic, Guillotine Lizard abducts Akashi's daughter in order to force him to give up the Denrite, but the Dynaman and Gon continue to attack to fight back. During a final battle, Gon's Denrite heart causes a chain reaction that makes him nearly die and that destroys the Mechavolution Beast.

After Kar rebuilds and grows Guillotine Lizard, the Dynaman use Dyna Flash to stun it long enough to hit it with a Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Guillotine Lizard is modified with a pair of scissors for the right hand which it uses for attack and combat as well as firing attacks from the frills around its head. It can also jump high and has reinforced armor.


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Behind the Scenes

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